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Now everyone started to talk about MITRA, previously SEDIC, and its contributions to our Indian community


Now everyone started to talk about MITRA, previously SEDIC, and its contributions to our Indian community.

  1. Why there should be a special allocation to up-lift our Indian Community in this country?
  2. What makes the Federal Government do this after 57 years of Independent?
  3. How much?
  4. What and where is the Roadmap/Blueprint?

All the above question’s answer is … 25 Nov 2007 (The True Hindraf struggle and its Rally with off-course ISA and 5 Hindraf Leaders) except Question No 4.  

The real formation of this allocation about 500Million (2014) began from our struggle on Temple demolishment issues, Burial ground, Not equal opportunities in education/jobs/contracts, Wrongful Religious Conversions, Lock-up Deaths and many more imprecise matters on our community in this country.

The struggle was heard by our Federal Government on 25 NOV 2007 but they don’t find out a proper solution as usual.

I would like to praise and congratulate here our former PM Tun Abdul Razak by forming a super education platform in 1967 to up-lift the rural and poor Bumi-Putras and their socio-economy as well. The target has been reached when this MARA reformed into Uitm with a new look and helped a lot of poor Malays managed to get their higher education without any obstacles until today. You can feel and appreciate this achievement by comparing Malay community’s socio-economy and living standard from 50years ago and now, this is the main reason why we called our beloved Tun Razak as a ‘Bapa Pembangunan’.

My question is very simple, I know you don’t have that much intelligence to overcome all these problems I have mentioned earlier faced by our Indian community in this country.  But why can’t you just fully follow our former PM’s footsteps to uplift our community?  Education is the KEY and solution to all the above issues and do anyone have a different opinion from this?, I always welcome.

Don’t only focus on white-collar jobs, we should target more on failure students and their attitudes because these children are going to be a threat to the whole society in the future. Why you need a lot of foreigners for technical and 3D Jobs. Our younger generation can be trained for this type of profession to secure their future with decent income and life. I know you will say that we already on progress nor in planning, I am only interested in implementation and result.  

If MITRA can’t handle by you guys, let Malaysian Indian Voice be the guardian and advisor with proper management, integrity plus transparency as it’s a main dispute. MIV planned to spend mainly on education from the very beginning Standard Four onwards to uplift our future generation and not doing the Chili Plants Projects and Small type of Programs to be a double-dealer and change its real objective and target.   

Your Sincerely,
Pappa Raidu Veraman
Malaysian Indian Voice.

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