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PUCHONG, 10 March 2020 – ​Impact Malaysia, an initiative under the purview of Ministry of Youth and Sports for youth development and social impact, has recently launched Akademi Impact Malaysia (Akademi Impact). The call for participation for Akademi Impact is open until 15th of March 2020. The program is open for Malaysian youths between 18 – 29 years of age and aims to empower 30 youths to be community movers who run their own social impact projects, through a mentored environment. Akademi Impact takes place over a duration of 3 months beginning on the 23rd of March 2020 at Spacerubix, Puchong, Selangor. Participants will undergo 2 weeks of on-site class, and spend the rest of the 3 months piloting the project ideated during the classes.

Siti Rahayu Baharin, a Trustee of Impact Malaysia and a co-founder of Buku Jalanan Chow Kit, hopes that the Akademi will be able to nurture young people with high empathy, “Things like this (empathy) cannot be taught in formal classes. It can be taught when they are surrounded and guided by people who create social impact. In my experience of working on Buku Jalanan Chow Kit, to do something like this, there is a lot to learn and a lot of things we need to know, in my case, the ability to pitch and how to deal with people. Social impact measurement, too.”

Akademi Impact’s curriculum focuses on Impact Malaysia’s flagship I.M.P.A.C.T. module, which stands for Ideate, Map, Pilot, Act, Count and Tell. The module is designed to build the participants’ capacity on understanding issues in a systematic manner, to ideate impactful solutions and to instil the culture of impact assessment in social projects from the beginning, and not only at the end of the project.

The syllabus is broken down into 6 stages. At Stage 1 (Ideate) of this module, participants will be exposed to a framework of researching issues systemically. After that, participants will be mapping out solutions using various prototyping tools through Stage 2 (Map). Stage 3 (Pilot) will commence at the end of the two-week class, where participants will be using project planning and budgeting strategies to plan the pilot of their prototype.

At Stage 4 (Act), participants will be deployed back to their communities to test their prototype of social impact solutions. This will be made possible with a pilot investment up to RM5,000 per project. Stage 5 (Count) will see participants measuring the impact of their social project throughout their whole journey. Contrary to popular practices, the IMPACT module utilizes impact measurement methods from the ideation phase, to ensure the projects has specific social impact measurement indicators at the stage of impact measurement. Finally, at Stage 6 (Tell), participants will document their progress of their social project, and it will be published as “Jurnal Impact”, a web-series.

Akademi Impact is open to all Malaysian youth, with priority given to Sabah & Sarawak youths, Orang Asli community, people from the B40 category, people with disabilities (OKU), former convicts and graduates of juvenile schools. This program is free and participants will be given free accommodation, travelling allowance, daily expenditure allowance, meals during classes and funding for the pilot phase of 6 selected projects.

According to Ahmed Faris Amir, CEO of Impact Malaysia, “At Akademi Impact Malaysia, the participants will learn new things that will enable them to carry out social impact projects on their own. It is a refreshing initiative by the Impact Malaysia team to cultivate and nurture social impact among young entrepreneurs. The 3-months program will educate and train 30 young people who will lead 6 social impact projects in Impact Malaysia.”

The registration for Akademi Impact Malaysia will end on the 15th of March 2020, Sunday. Interested applicants and for further information, kindly visit​www.impact.my or contact Impact Malaysia via email: ​connect@impact.my​, or Facebook/Twitter: @impactdotmy or Instagram: @impactmsia.

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