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Petaling Jaya, 15 November 2019:- TechSoup, an international philanthropic organisation specialising in proving software donations and software at discounted prices, has officially appointed Yayasan Salam Malaysia as its country partner to carry out its technology donation and distribution programme in Malaysia.

The programme enables non-profit organisations to obtain donated and heavily-discounted software and technology solutions from technology companies like Microsoft, Google and Amazon. These solutions and services can be used to support daily operations, fund-raising and community engagement.

Yayasan Salam Malaysia has entered into this partnership as it believes that technology drives process improvements and cost savings in non-profit organisations just as it helps small and large businesses drive efficiencies and profit margins. With access to better technology, non-profit organisations can also deliver services faster and deliver more impact
into the community.

Yayasan Salam Malaysia, as part of this partnership, is formally joining a global network of non-profit partners that enable TechSoup to support over 1.1 million non-profit organisations across some 236 countries and territories to deliver over USD 12 billion in technology tools and philanthropic services to date.

TechSoup’s partnership with Yayasan Salam Malaysia began in 2010 when Salam became its validation partner to qualify and assist Malaysian NGOs to get onboard TechSoup programmes.

With the signing of this agreement, Yayasan Salam Malaysia will take on the day-to-day operations of the programme, thus enabling the entire process to have truly Malaysian experience, including customer support, marketing and outreach and even more importantly bringing new technology service offering tailored to Malaysian non-profit organisations.

Mr. Simon Gee, the Managing Director of TechSoup Asia said, “Previously the country eligibility criteria for Malaysia covered Registrar of Societies (ROS)-registered associations, companies limited by guarantee and non-profit organisations created by an Act of Parliament. Through the partnership with Yayasan Salam Malaysia and its local insights and
experiences, we are now able to expand the eligibility criteria to youth organisations registered under Registrar of Youths (ROY), religious organisations registered through relevant authorities, as well as charitable trusts registered under the Trustees Act.

With these new criteria, we hope to reach out to 11,476 youth organisations and 24,687 mosques and suraus. This highlights the power of partnership, as only through this partnership are we now able to help a wider reach of community service organisations.”

Datuk Yong Soo Heong, a member of the Board of Trustees at Yayasan Salam Malaysia said, “Yayasan Salam hopes to position itself as the solution provider among the Malaysian nonprofit organisations by providing technology consultation, post contribution services, migration and training. Yayasan Salam Malaysia, through its national e-initiative programme which started in 2004, has been trying to bridge the digital divide between urban and rural and marginalised communities by setting up community-based tele-centres and training.”

To get onboard, Malaysian non-profit organisations are invited to contact Yayasan Salam Malaysia or logon to or

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