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As good as promised


That’s what can be said about the gathering held at Kelab Sultan Sulaiman, in Kampung Baru Kuala Lumpur yesterday. During the election of PRU14, the contender now the Minister at the Ministry of Rural Development, YB Rina Mohd Harun made a pact with her Titiwangsa constituents to come back with Tun Daim Zainuddin  if they won. So, yesterday was about getting together with her voters, to share her plans and most importantly to hear them out.

With Tun Daim Zainuddin by her side, the crowd seemed to be pleased with the Minister’s responses on issues raised, not just because Tun Daim Zainuddin is with the Council of Eminent Person (CEP), but because the response is spot on, hitting the correct key words like bribery and lies; and addressing the correct agencies and officials to be held liable and accountable for the community grievances’. In a place like Kampung Baru, a promise kept by the leadership is something that has been longing by the residents. A kampung where its identity is infused by traditional and modern values, is hard to come by in a city like Kuala Lumpur. It’s compressed with development that suffocates, and as what has been shared by the residents, has lost its developmental purposes when the property values are out of reach by the locals and necessities that did not depicts the heritage values of this place.

The concerns raised on traffic congestions, land matters, social well-being and educational, all has been carefully addressed by the YB Rina Harun and Tun Daim. There are actions that has already taken place or in the pipeline prior to the meeting. But, by show of comments by the constituents, it is a common problem throughout a developed city like Kuala Lumpur and the main question is what changes with the newly elect member of parliament (MP). For one, there’s open discussion on the ‘mismanagement’ of the DBKL, and on a larger spectrum, the number of land sales that has been concluded in the previous administration which was said not to the benefit of the Malay. Tun Daim even proposed for some plots (if re-acquire) to be converted to public park for the city folks to roam.

Putting sentiment aside, with a new government in place, the expectation is high. In reality, the people that voted you to the office and entrusted you to safeguard their interest is the same people that will scrutinize you on every step of the way. The proposal to have a congress on Kampung Baru issue is the first step to have common platform to identify and to agree on what’s best for this area. After all, with such a rich historical importance and heritage value, it is hard to imagine anything less than an appreciation and recognition for this place. The question is how?

Tun Daim in his responses, which is full of message on the state of the Malays, although amusing is as also a pain reality that for some quarters is hard to swallow. But we’re all able to laugh at ourselves at times, and the most important question now is how are we going to rise to his challenges.

Staying positive in the new Malaysia.

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