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Film3 Unleashed: Mogul Productions Pioneers the Future of Filmmaking


Mogul Productions Uses Blockchain To Democratize Film Financing, Empowering Filmmakers and Enhancing Audience Engagement

Toronto, Canada, July 10, 2024 —  Mogul Productions, a trailblazer in the film financing and production industry, is poised to redefine the landscape of Hollywood with its Film3 revolution. With a mission to democratize film financing and empower filmmakers, Mogul is transforming the traditional filmmaking model by leveraging the power of decentralization.

At the heart of Mogul’s innovative platform lies blockchain technology, which ensures transparency, security, and efficiency. By eliminating traditional barriers, Mogul helps filmmakers connect directly with their audience, raising funds through cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This approach fosters a deeper engagement between creators and their supporters.

Under the visionary leadership of James Pratt and Randy Charach, Mogul Productions is spearheading a new era in the film industry. Pratt and Charach bring decades of experience from Hollywood, combining their creative and business acumen to drive Mogul’s ambitious agenda forward. Their leadership is instrumental in positioning Mogul as a beacon of change in an industry ripe for disruption.

“I’ve worked in the film industry for more than four decades, and I have yet to encounter a technology that allows fans to immerse themselves so deeply in the process of creating full-fledged feature films at a professional standard,” said Randy Charach, Head of Film Development at Mogul Productions.

Mogul Productions is supporting a diverse range of projects from Hollywood blockbusters to independent films. One notable example is the upcoming action thriller “City Of Dreams,” directed by Mohit Ramchandani and produced by industry veterans Sean Wolfington, Jon Graham, Rufus Parker, and Matthew Diezel. This film tells the compelling story of Jesús, a young Mexican boy with dreams of soccer stardom, highlighting Mogul’s commitment to financing and promoting impactful stories.

“We worked with many people on getting this script to screen. Mogul Productions is one piece of that picture. Without innovative technologies like this, certain films may never see the light of day,” commented Jon Graham, Producer of “City Of Dreams”.

Mogul’s vision extends beyond Hollywood, tapping into international markets with projects like “Lady Samurai.” Inspired by the legendary Tomoe Gozen and the success of “Shogun,” this film will feature a predominantly Japanese cast and crew, underscoring Mogul’s dedication to authentic storytelling and cultural representation. By fostering cross-border collaborations, Mogul is enriching the global cinematic landscape with diverse voices and narratives.

As Mogul Productions continues to innovate, the future looks promising for filmmakers and audiences alike. Mogul’s platform offers participants a range of rewards, from on-set props and film producer credits to innovative ways to earn cryptocurrency. This model provides fans with a stronger connection to the movies they support.

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