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Malaysian Ex-Beauty Queen Rachel Tan Releases “Sight” To 2,000 Cinemas In the U.S.


Sixth movie produced, with Asian heroes in the limelight

KUALA LUMPUR, July 9 2024 – Rachel Tan,  a Malaysian movie producer based in the United States of America (U.S.A), recently released a 100 minute movie, “Sight” to more than 2,000 screens there.

It stars Oscar Award Nominee Greg Kinnear (“Little Miss Sunshine”) and Terry Chen (“House of Cards”). The film has grossed more than $7 million USD in theatres to date in the U.S. alone.

Rachel Tan

Tan is a former Miss Malaysia and was the first Malaysian to ever win an international pageant when she won TVB’s prestigious Miss Chinese International competition. With her husband, Dan Mark, they founded Kingstreet Pictures in 2016, which has released five films, some of which include an A-star cast and crew, with plots featuring Asians. 

Sight is an inspiring true story of Dr. Ming Wang, a world-renowned eye surgeon who overcame incredible adversity to become a medical pioneer. The film has already garnered critical acclaim for its compelling narrative and stunning visual storytelling. It was released in the U.S.A on its Memorial Day weekend on May 24.

Tan’s deep understanding of cultural nuances as an Asian living in the U.S.A have significantly enriched the film’s direction and execution.

“This film is not just a testament to Dr. Ming Wang’s extraordinary life but also a celebration of perseverance, love, hope and reconciliation. As a Malaysian, I am proud to bring Asian stories and talents to Hollywood, bridging cultures and showcasing the diversity that enriches the film industry. I hope this film opens doors for more collaborations and projects that highlight diverse voices and stories,” she said.

Tan’s commitment as a producer has been instrumental in bringing this powerful story to life, showcasing her ability to manage complex productions and her eye for impactful storytelling.

“Hollywood, though what it produces, shapes a lot of cultural beliefs for the rest of the world. Through this movie, we want to have more Asian stories and talent represented behind and in front of the camera. According to a USC Annenberg study of the top 100 films of 2017, only 4.8% featured a character of Asian descent with a speaking role. Often, Asians are cast as martial arts experts or a triad gang member. Who will tell stories where Asians have been a source of inspiration and force for good, if we do not?” said Tan.

Meanwhile, Tan and Mark confirmed that they have been working on their sixth film, a romantic comedy based on their love story, called “Worth The Wait”” which is also in post production and was partially shot in Kuala Lumpur last year as Rachel wanted to highlight what she loves about her home country to the world.  It stars Lana Condor (Netflix’s “To All the Boys” franchise), Andrew Koji (“Bullet Train” and “Warrior”), Ross Butler (“Shazam” franchise), Sung Kang (“Fast and The Furious” franchise), Elodie Yung (Fox’s “The Cleaning Lady”), Karena Lam (multiple Golden Horse award winning actress), and directed by Golden Horse Award winning director Tom Lin from Taiwan in his U.S. film debut.

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