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Appier Drives Retargeting Triumph in Hypercasual Gaming: How TapNation’s Thief Puzzle Achieved KPI Goals

PARIS, FRANCE  9 July 2024 – Appier, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to power business decision-making, is thrilled to announce its successful partnership with TapNation, a top mobile gaming publisher, to optimize user acquisition for the hit game Thief Puzzle. Utilizing Appier’s CrossX Retargeting Solution, TapNation achieved remarkable KPI goals, including a 130% return on ad spend (ROAS).

Thief Puzzle

Ranked among the top 14 fastest-growing companies in Europe by the Financial Times, TapNation is a mobile gaming publisher that helps developers elevate their games. Thief Puzzle is a highly engaging and entertaining hypercasual game developed by TapNation. In this game, players become clever thieves, solving intricate puzzles and overcoming challenging obstacles to complete heists successfully. With its intuitive gameplay, captivating graphics, and innovative puzzle designs, Thief Puzzle has quickly become a favorite among mobile gamers. The game’s blend of strategy and fun ensures players remain hooked, making it a standout title in TapNation’s impressive portfolio.

Enhancing user acquisition amid privacy restrictions
In the ever-competitive mobile gaming landscape, TapNation sought innovative solutions to enhance user acquisition and retention for Thief Puzzle despite the challenges posed by iOS privacy restrictions. By leveraging Appier’s CrossX Retargeting Solution, TapNation successfully activated its high-quality user base and targeted high-LTV (Lifetime Value) players. The collaboration focused on optimizing key metrics such as cost per click (CPC), conversion rate (CVR), and cost per acquisition (CPA) to achieve outstanding results.

Appier built a customized high-ROI user model for IAA-oriented hypercasual games by leveraging its existing user segmentation model to identify higher LTV users
Appier built a customized high-ROI user model for IAA-oriented hypercasual games by leveraging its existing user segmentation model to identify higher LTV users

Within 10 days of completing a 1.5-month learning period, TapNation achieved an impressive 130% ROAS. Continuous optimization of the high-ROI user model ensured sustained and stable ROAS, significantly shortening the investment recoup period compared to traditional SDK networks. This success highlights the effectiveness of Appier’s AI-driven approach in the hypercasual gaming industry.

“Appier has become our third largest user acquisition channel on iOS following the success we’ve seen with CrossX. Our partnership has brought tangible success to our Thief Puzzle game, elevating user value. Thanks to this innovative solution, we’ve seen remarkable user engagement and retention improvements. We’re genuinely satisfied and eagerly anticipate further triumphs as we continue collaborating with Appier. Here’s to a future filled with even greater achievements together!” said Jatin Mittal, Head of User Acquisition at TapNation.

Appier’s role in TapNation’s success

Appier developed a customized, high-ROI user model for TapNation’s IAA-oriented (In-App Advertising) hypercasual games. This involved collecting comprehensive data on existing players and leveraging dynamic video ads to optimize CPC and CVR. By adopting deep links from day one, Appier ensured effective user engagement and significantly impacted TapNation’s retargeting success.

TapNation’s collaboration with Appier exemplifies the power of leveraging advanced AI-driven retargeting solutions to overcome privacy restrictions and achieve exceptional growth in the mobile gaming market. Appier’s CrossX Retargeting Solution has transformed user acquisition and retention strategies, setting a new standard for success in hypercasual games.

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