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Encore Unveils Cutting-Edge USB-C Audio Solutions to Meet Modern Tech Demand


Lafayette, July 02, 2024 – Lafayette, Colorado –

Encore Data Products has announced the addition of new USB-C compatible audio products to their extensive technology supplies. This new range features the Cyber Acoustics ACM-6005C Headphones, HamiltonBuhl USB-C Earbuds, and the AVID AE-36 Headphone/Headset with USB-C Plug. These products are tailored for use in schools, libraries, and businesses, meeting the rising demand for USB-C technology, which has quickly become a common interface in many modern devices.

The Cyber Acoustics ACM-6005C Headphones are known for their sturdy construction and clear sound quality, making them perfect for both educational and business settings. These headphones are designed to offer comfortable listening for long periods.

Encore Data Products USB-C Compatible Audio Charging Port

The HamiltonBuhl USB-C Earbuds provide a compact and portable solution for students and professionals who need top-quality audio while on the move. These earbuds are ideal for remote learning and virtual meetings, as they offer clear sound and a comfortable fit.

The AVID AE-36 Headphone/Headset with USB-C Plug combines versatility and convenience. This product includes a built-in microphone, making it suitable for both listening and speaking activities. Its USB-C plug ensures it works with the latest devices, offering flexibility for different tech setups.

A representative of Encore Data Products, shared her excitement about their new audio products. “By introducing these USB-C audio products, we are responding to the evolving technological needs of our customers. We realize the growing use of USB-C as a connector and are dedicated to offering products that meet these modern requirements.”

Encore Data Products is well-known for providing a wide variety of audio and technology products for both educational and business use. Adding these USB-C compatible headphones and earbuds aligns with their mission to offer current and relevant technology solutions.

The demand for USB-C technology is rising because it supports faster data transfer rates and better power delivery. By offering audio products with USB-C connectors, Encore Data Products ensures customers can benefit from these technological advancements.

Beyond USB-C products, Encore Data Products also offers other types of audio solutions. Their catalog includes various headphones, such as school headphones, headsets for interactive learning, and affordable options for budget-conscious institutions. They also provide accessories like headphone cases and adapters, adding convenience and flexibility in different scenarios.

Their AV technology offerings go beyond audio products, including charge and sync devices, document and web cameras, and PA systems. These products enhance interactive and digital learning environments, improving the experience for both teachers and students.

Encore Data Products also focuses on the importance of keeping technology clean and healthy. They offer electronic sanitizers, headphone covers, and other cleaning supplies to ensure devices remain hygienic and safe to use.

For more details, visit their website at This page provides information on their classroom headphone offerings, helping customers find the right solutions for their specific needs.

Encore Data Products continues to grow its product range, adapting to the changing needs of its diverse customer base. The addition of these USB-C products shows their dedication to providing modern and practical tech solutions.

The spokesperson added, “At Encore Data Products, we strive to stay ahead of technological trends to meet the needs of our customers. Our new lineup of USB-C headphones and ear buds shows our commitment to offering relevant and high-quality products.”

Encore Data Products is based in Lafayette, Colorado, and serves a wide range of customers across various educational institutions, libraries, and businesses. Their expanded product line reflects their ongoing commitment to delivering high-quality audio and technology solutions designed to meet modern needs.

With their focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, Encore Data Products continues to strengthen its position as a leading provider of audio and technology products. The introduction of the Cyber Acoustics ACM-6005C Headphones, HamiltonBuhl USB-C Earbuds, and AVID AE-36 Headphone/Headset with USB-C Plug underscores this commitment.

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