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Beaver Bitcoin Projects 200% Year-Over-Year Growth


Beaver Bitcoin Homepage

A screenshot of Beaver Bitcoin's homepage at
A screenshot of Beaver Bitcoin’s homepage at

Beaver’s Bitcoin Price Page

A screenshot of the Beaver Bitcoin platform, showcasing its user-friendly interface for tracking the price of Bitcoin against CAD.
A screenshot of the Beaver Bitcoin platform, showcasing its user-friendly interface for tracking the price of Bitcoin against CAD.

TORONTO, June 25, 2024 –  Beaver Bitcoin, Canada’s fastest growing Bitcoin-only company, is celebrating a phenomenal year of growth. In its second year of operation, the company has already achieved $1.6 million in bitcoin sales and is on track to hit $3.6 million by the end of the year, marking a potential 200% increase compared to their first year. This remarkable success underscores Beaver’s mission to make Bitcoin accessible to more Canadians.

“We’re content with the growth but our vision is bigger,” said Aubrey Jesseau, CEO and founder of Beaver. “Our engineers are world class and we’ve built this platform to scale.”

Jesseau adds, “Beaver is here for all Canadians. We believe everyone should be learning about money and learning about Bitcoin. Bitcoin is a solution, but only if you understand the problem. Our dollars are broken and no one is coming to save you.”

A key driver of the company’s growth has been the expansion of Beaver Bitcoin’s premium offering, Beaver Plaid, a service for Canadians making larger bitcoin purchases.

Beaver Plaid now includes an option for an in-home visit, offering two hours of Bitcoin education, a Jade hardware wallet from Blockstream, a steel seed phrase backup, wallet setup and walkthrough, and payment method recommendations tailored to the client’s bank and purchase amount. This personalised service is available to clients in southwestern Ontario, from Toronto to London, ensuring they receive comprehensive support on their Bitcoin journey.

The company has seen additional growth in the form of organic website traffic as a result of their focus on Bitcoin education. Resources such as an educational Bitcoin price page for tracking the Bitcoin price in CAD, a guide on how to buy Bitcoin in Canada, and recommendations for the best Bitcoin wallets have been instrumental in driving traffic to the Beaver website.

To further enhance user engagement and expand its customer base, Beaver Bitcoin recently launched a new referral program. This program, which pays out via Bitcoin’s Lightning network, is open to everyone, regardless of location, and does not require a Beaver account.

Looking ahead, Beaver has an ambitious roadmap, including nationwide expansion of its in-home Plaid offering, support for Bitcoin’s layer two Liquid and Lightning networks, the ability to sell Bitcoin, and a robust affiliate program for enterprise partners.

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