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Expanse Studios Implemented Several CSR Campaigns with Nature Cleanup and Community Donations


Expanse Studios CSR Campaign

Expanse Studios CSR Campaign
Expanse Studios CSR Campaign

BELGRADE, Serbia, June 24, 2024 – Expanse Studios, a distinguished iGaming brand, announces a successful completion of series of recent corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives that highlight the company’s commitment to community and environmental stewardship.

Expanse Studios Hiking and Environmental Cleanup

In June, the Expanse Studios team embarked on a hiking trip to Veliki Štrbac in the Miroč Mountain, located in the Đerdap National Park, southeastern Serbia. This stunning location, with its highest peak at 768 meters and breathtaking views of the Danube from three lookout points, provided the perfect backdrop for their civic engagement activity. During the hike, the Expanse Studios team contributed to nature conservation by collecting litter along the trail. This initiative reflects the company’s dedication to preserving natural landscapes and promoting environmental awareness.

Clothing Donation to Children’s Boarding Houses

In May 2024, Expanse Studios extended its community support efforts by donating clothes to a local boarding house for children. This heartwarming initiative not only provided essential items to those in need but also underscored the company’s commitment to making a positive impact beyond the gaming world.

Strategic Value Delivered

These CSR activities are integral to Expanse Studios’ strategic vision of integrating social responsibility into its core operations. By developing an in-house iGaming studio, the company has significantly strengthened its market position and created long-term value for investors. This commitment to ethical business practices attracts socially conscious investors and reinforces the brand’s reputation.

A Proven CSR Track Record

Expanse Studios’ recent initiatives are part of a broader commitment to CSR, demonstrated by a range of previous campaigns, including:

– Environmental Sustainability: Participation in afforestation projects and public cleanup campaigns along with the parent company Meridianbet.

– Community Support: Sponsorship of local sports clubs, organization of blood donation drives, and support for cultural institutions.

– Social Inclusion: Engagement in projects that promote diversity and inclusion within the community.

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