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QP Technologies™ Expands Die Preparation Business


QP Technologies Expands Die Preparation Business

QP Technologies has added a fully automated Disco DFD6362 dicing system to its manufacturing line, expanding its die and wafer preparation proficiencies.
QP Technologies has added a fully automated Disco DFD6362 dicing system to its manufacturing line, expanding its die and wafer preparation proficiencies.

Adds Fully Automated Dicing Saw to Equipment Line,
Enabling Even Greater Precision, Throughput for Die Singulation

ESCONDIDO, Calif., June 19, 2024 – QP Technologies™, a leading provider of innovative microelectronic packaging and assembly solutions, today announced it has added a state-of-the-art dicing saw to its manufacturing line, expanding its die and wafer preparation business. The Disco DFD6362, QP Technologies’ first fully automated dicing system, enables a full cassette of 300mm wafers to be processed quickly and efficiently, improving turnaround time and productivity for client projects. Further extending its wafer prep proficiencies, the company recently installed an additional die sorter, a Royce Autoplacer MP 300, enabling precise, mechanized, non-surface-contact pick-and-place of die during assembly.

The new Disco DFD6362 tool delivers about 7% higher throughput compared to existing equipment under the same conditions, thanks to its higher dual-cut processing speed and improved X-axis processing feed speed. The tool’s automated flow smoothly moves workpieces between the cassette, the chuck table (for cutting), and the spinner table (for cleaning and drying). The tool quickly and efficiently cuts narrower streets, enabling customers to fit more die onto their costly wafers, increasing throughput and speeding time to market for their devices.

“We are seeing heightened demand for our die preparation services as customers are building die on larger wafers,” said Ken Molitor, QP Technologies’ chief operating officer. “As a longtime Disco customer, we selected the DFD6362 not only for its ability to handle 300mm wafers in high volumes, but also its improved quality and precision. We are excited at the new opportunities we see on the horizon for our full complement of services.”

The U.S. CHIPS and Science Act and other government-funded technology programs are fueling reshoring of semiconductor manufacturing by establishing the innovation ecosystem needed to optimize new chip fabrication facilities. As chipmakers build and bring these new, high-volume fabs online, they will be seeking U.S.-based companies that can deliver wafer prep, packaging and assembly. With its proven capabilities, team of skilled experts, and broadened equipment line, QP Technologies is well positioned to play an even more vital role in this new ecosystem.

Visit QP Technologies in booth 842 at Sensors Converge, June 24-26, 2024, at the Santa Clara Convention Center to learn about the company’s full portfolio of wafer preparation, packaging and assembly, and substrate development capabilities, and their application for a range of device types, including MEMS and sensors. At the conference, David Fromm, COO of QP Technologies’ parent company Promex Industries, will give a presentation titled “Design Considerations for Building Heterogeneously Integrated Devices” on Tuesday, June 25, 2:40-3:00 p.m., in Grand Ballroom G.

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