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Shaping the Future: Revomed Invests Over 100 Million Baht in Innovative Research to Lead Marketing in the Modern Health and Beauty Business

BANGKOK, THAILAND 17 June 2024 – Revomed Group Company Limited, Thailand’s premier manufacturer and importer of cosmetics and dietary supplements (OEM/ODM), operates three production plants certified to international standards and has been recognized and trusted by brand owners and consumers worldwide. Revomed is committed to social responsibility and deeply understands brand owners’ needs. The company’s foundational principle, “More than contract production, we are your business partner,” continues to guide its collaborative approach to this day.


On March 30, 2024, Revomed hosted an Open House event at Pearl Bangkok. Dr. Wasana Intasang (Khun May), Chief Executive Officer (CEO), articulated the event’s purpose: to reinforce the company’s leadership in innovation across extract, production, and marketing domains. The theme “Shaping Innovation, Shape of the Future: Creating Innovations for the Future of Your Brand” welcomed brand owners, celebrities, influencers, partners, and customers to explore Revomed’s future strategies.

Revomed is dedicated to leveraging “marketing-led innovation” to elevate Thailand’s health and beauty industry to global standards, thereby enhancing the competitiveness of brand owners and ensuring exceptional value, quality, and safety for end consumers.

To excel in the research and development of innovative health products and effectively meet customer needs, Revomed has established strategic partnerships with prominent research institutions globally, encompassing both public and private sectors. This collaboration facilitates the development of high-quality innovations that drive business expansion and provide a distinct competitive advantage for brand owners. With a research budget exceeding 100 million baht, Revomed collaborates with esteemed Thai institutions such as Chulalongkorn University, Mahidol University, and the Government Pharmaceutical Organization, as well as leading international enterprises from Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, and Germany.

Furthermore, regarding marketing innovation, Mr. May unveiled a future operational strategy focused on marketing innovation through synergistic partnerships with diverse industry stakeholders, including business leaders, brand owners, celebrities, singers, reviewers, influencers, and other market influencers. This collaborative approach aims to propel the market forward and establish novel business models that address consumer needs with enhanced comprehensiveness and efficiency. Revomed Group and its affiliates have set an ambitious goal for this year: to achieve total sales of 2,500 million baht.

Revomed Group’s goals for 2024 appear eminently achievable, considering the robust global market value of health and beauty products, which surpasses one trillion dollars and exhibits an annual growth rate of 6.7%. In Thailand, the market continues to expand year after year, propelled by an increasing emphasis on health and beauty awareness, characterized by the concept of “beautiful, healthy, and age-appropriate,” emphasizing preventative rather than curative measures.

Nevertheless, the challenge lies in the dynamic and diverse nature of consumer needs, presenting continuous opportunities for entrepreneurs capable of meeting these demands, irrespective of brand scale. Numerous brands, including some present at today’s event, exemplify this potential. They underscore the abundance of opportunities available in the market for those equipped to capitalize on them.

Even a small brand just starting out can find its place in this market,” Ms. Wasana concluded at the Open House event, underscoring the prospects for success within the ever-evolving health and beauty industry.