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Tilray Beverages Announces Campaign to Raise Awareness for Men’s Health


NEW YORK, June 14, 2024 – Tilray Brands, Inc. (“Tilray Brands” or “Tilray”) (Nasdaq | TSX: TLRY), a leading global lifestyle and consumer packaged goods company inspiring and empowering the worldwide community to live their very best life, announced today a men’s health initiative launching on Father’s Day, June 16, 2024, with Montauk Brewing and Blue Point Brewery brands.

In a world where conversations often revolve around work, sports and current events, men’s health remains a largely unspoken topic. Tilray aims to add fuel to this critical dialogue with a campaign designed to spark conversations and encourage friends, family, and colleagues to discuss men’s health openly through awareness, education, and launching outreach activities aimed at increasing men’s health literacy.

As part of this campaign, Tilray has partnered with two distinguished medical experts – Steven A. Kaplan, MD, Professor, Department of Urology at the Icahn School of Medicine, and John P. Sfakianos, MD, Associate Professor, Department of Urology at the Icahn School of Medicine. Together, we are developing and executing a powerful campaign that will have a lasting impact on men’s health. Their invaluable insights are helping us raise awareness about pressing men’s health issues and encouraging men to take action towards improving their overall health and wellbeing.

Tilray is also partnering with Medivizor to launch a platform that provides personalized health information covering a range of conditions. The Tauk About It platform can be accessed directly online and through the campaign QR code found on Montauk Brewing’s Pilsner packaging and will provide access to specialized content covering health conditions that afflict both men and women. The Montauk Pilsner featuring the men’s health campaign will first launch at a special event on Father’s Day at Blue Point Brewery in New York and will roll-out at retail locations in the coming months. Montauk Brewery has also created the Wave Chaser Run Club for this campaign which will meet regularly for group runs and offer a supportive environment for people looking to activate their wellness routines.

Official Poster for Blue Point Brewing's Father's Day Celebration

Prinz Pinakatt, Chief Marketing Officer, Tilray Beverages, said, “Our craft beers and beverages are brewed to foster conversations. Through this initiative, we aim to eliminate the stigma surrounding discussions on men’s health and encourage more men to prioritize their physical and mental well-being. By providing a platform for conversation and fostering a community of runners who share a passion for health and wellness, we hope to equip men with the tools and resources they need to manage their well-being.”

He continued, “As someone who has experienced firsthand the importance of having resources and conversations about my own health, I am thrilled to be a part of this initiative. It’s been a personal journey for me, and I know that many men struggle with prioritizing their health. By creating a supportive community and providing accessible resources, we can empower men to take control of their physical and mental well-being. I am proud of Tilray’s commitment to promoting men’s health and look forward to seeing the positive impact this campaign will have on our community.”

Irwin D. Simon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Tilray Brands, said, “As we approach Father’s Day, I am incredibly proud of our partnership with Dr. Steve Kaplan and Dr. John Sfakianos and to see our Tilray team take an active role in promoting men’s health. With our men’s health initiative, we are providing accessible resources and fostering a supportive community that values the importance of health and well-being. I want to wish all fathers a happy Father’s Day and remind everyone that health is the most important thing in life. Let us prioritize our health and support one another in our journey towards wellness.”

With this campaign, the Medivizor partnership and the Wave Chaser Run Club, Tilray hopes to encourage more men to take an active role in their health and well-being. The Father’s Day event at Blue Point Brewery will kick off the men’s health campaign with a party including live music, food, golf putting, raffles and other activities. Proceeds from the Blue Point event will support the Movember Foundation and the brand will be launching a special brew in support of men’s health in November 2024.

Tilray Brands does not encourage anyone to drink or increase their alcohol consumption for health reasons. Alcoholic beverages should always be enjoyed responsibly, in moderation, and only by adults 21+.

Why Men’s Health Matters:
Prevention Saves Lives: Regular discussions about health can lead to early detection of issues. From heart disease to mental health, awareness is the first step toward prevention.
Mental Health Stigma: Men often hesitate to discuss their emotional struggles due to societal expectations. By encouraging open dialogue, we can reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and promote seeking help.
Physical Fitness: Conversations about exercise, nutrition, and fitness empower people to make informed choices. Whether it’s hitting the gym or choosing a balanced diet, talking about it matters.
Prostate and Testicular Health: These sensitive topics deserve attention. Regular screenings and self-exams can save lives. Let’s normalize these conversations.
Support Networks: People thrive when they have a support system. Talking about health fosters connections and encourages accountability.

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