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Mycron Steel Berhad Celebrates a Day of Health and Wellness with the Shah Alam Community

Raising awareness and providing vital health information: One of the key highlights of Karnival Kesihatan Mycron 2024.

SHAH ALAM, June 11 2024 (Bernama) — Mycron Steel Berhad (“Mycron”) hosted a successful Karnival Kesihatan Mycron 2024 on 9 June 2024, in partnership with Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA). The carnival, which coincided with the Shah Alam Car Free Day and Rakan Muda Fun Run, attracted approximately 2,000 attendees from the community, creating a vibrant atmosphere brimming with health, wellness, and community spirit.

Karnival Kesihatan Mycron 2024 featured a wide array of activities designed to promote healthy living among community members. Hundreds of attendees took advantage of free health check-ups, including blood pressure, blood sugar levels, kidney health tests, branchialankle index tests, dietetic consultations, mental health screenings, and BMI analysis. Zumba sessions led by a professional instructor saw enthusiastic participation, energising the crowd and emphasising physical fitness. Renowned health experts from Ara Damansara Medical Centre and Hospital Al-Sultan Abdullah UiTM delivered insightful talks on Urology and Mental Health, providing valuable information to the community. Children enjoyed expressing their creativity in the three-category colouring contests and winning attractive prizes. 
The event was a testament to Mycron’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and community engagement. Mycron effectively raised awareness on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, offering essential resources and information to support the community’s health journey in a fun and encouraging environment.
“We are proud to have been an integral part of the Shah Alam community for over five decades, growing and evolving together. We have always considered ourselves as an extension of the communities where we operate, and thus, we strongly believe in paying it forward. Witnessing the community come together today to embrace a healthier lifestyle has been truly rewarding. We would also like extend our heartfelt gratitude to all attendees, collaborating partners, and supporters who made the Karnival Kesihatan Mycron 2024 a resounding success. We look forward to advancing our journey with our people and our community”, said Mr. Roshan M.Abdullah, Group CEO of Mycron Steel Berhad.

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