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Golden Goddess Tantra Empowers Individuals to Achieve Enlightenment and Sensual Awakening


Jannelle Golden Goddess offers holistic tantric practices to foster self-awareness, personal growth, and deep spiritual connections

Las Vegas, Nevada, June 11, 2024 –
Jannelle Golden Goddess

Golden Goddess Tantra, founded by Tantra Teacher and Tantric Energy Healer Jannelle Golden Goddess, is on a mission to guide individuals on the ancient path of enlightenment and sensual awakening through Tantric practices.

Tantra, an ancient spiritual tradition rooted in Hinduism and Buddhism, is often misunderstood in contemporary culture. It extends far beyond the limited perception of Tantra as a form of exotic sexuality. In reality, it is a holistic practice that intertwines spiritual, mental, and physical dimensions. Tantra aims to harmonize the energies within oneself to foster greater self-awareness, personal growth, and ultimately, enlightenment.

Jannelle demystifies outdated teachings about Tantra and makes them accessible and relevant to modern seekers. Her approach is holistic and integrative, combining traditional Tantric techniques with modern modalities. She offers personalized guidance in a safe and nurturing environment for deep exploration and self-discovery. Her expertise enables participants to heal emotional wounds, enhance relationships, and deepen their spiritual practices.

Golden Goddess Tantra provides a variety of workshops, bodywork, and one-on-one sessions tailored to the unique needs and goals of each individual. These immersive experiences delve into the core principles of Tantra, including energy healing, mindfulness practices, and sacred sensuality.

Golden Goddess Tantra teaches individuals how to integrate spirituality into their relationships. The concept of sacred sensuality helps individuals reconnect with their sensual essence, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of their bodies and desires. It creates greater intimacy and connection, improving communication and emotional bonds with partners. Through Tantric practices, individuals can learn to cultivate a more profound and fulfilling intimate experience beyond physical pleasure. This aspect of Tantra is particularly valuable for couples seeking to deepen their relationship and enhance their intimacy.

Jannelle’s teachings also emphasize the importance of self-love and acceptance, encouraging individuals to embrace their true selves without judgment or fear. This journey of self-discovery and acceptance is fundamental to achieving personal growth, spiritual awakening, and a life of fulfilled intimacy.

Golden Goddess Tantra is open to individuals, men and women, single or couple. Jannelle provides participants with practical tools and techniques they can incorporate into their daily lives for continuous growth and self-discovery.

She will be conducting an in-person Sensual Tantra Practitioner Training in Las Vegas, Nevada, from May 6th to 10th, 2024. Additionally, a series of online workshops will be held, including Sensual Tantra: For Singles and Couples on June 22, 2024, The Art of Love & Intimacy on July 20, 2024, and The Art of Conscious Relationships on August 24, 2024.

For more information about Jannelle’s upcoming workshops, online consultations, and retreats or to book a private session, visit Golden Goddess Tantra.

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