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Real Estate and Property Management Firm Desperado Realty Expands into Wyoming; Founder Reveals Further Growth Plans


Desperado Realty expands into Wyoming as the real estate market becomes more competitive. The Colorado-based company has also announced various goals on the near horizon.

Fort Collins, Colorado, June 05, 2024 – Desperado Realty, a Colorado-based real estate and property management company, has announced that it has expanded into the state of Wyoming. The company’s founder, Tillie Peart, has also announced various plans for the company’s next stages of growth.

Desperado Realty

Prior to becoming a real estate professional, Peart spent two decades in the retail management profession. In late 2016, amid a turbulent time in her personal life, she decided to enter the real estate industry and obtained her license. After spending several years hanging her license at several major brokerages, Peart decided to open her own firm, and Desperado Realty was born. She eventually entered the property management side of the business, with Desperado Realty offering a more transparent fee structure than other property managers. Part of the company’s mission is to restore trust in the real estate industry, which has been tarnished by rising incidences of fraud and criticism about inflated commissions.

According to Peart, Wyoming, despite being the least populous state, is becoming a more competitive real estate market, registering a net positive internal migration rate in 2022-2023. With her base of operations in Colorado, expanding into the neighboring state was a natural choice for the business, leading her to hire her first agent in Wyoming.

Desperado Realty’s clients from Peart and her team’s intimate knowledge of local communities, current market conditions, and the home buying and selling process. They act as a trusted and knowledgeable partner through closing and beyond, as well as provide additional insights into listings that are not accessible online.

“We are very passionate about helping people,” Peart says. “One of our Colorado realtors’ most recent deals was a mobile home, which most realtors won’t touch because they don’t get enough commission from it. Some of our greatest tenants were those who just needed a little bit of help because their credit wasn’t quite there, but they’re trying really hard, so we help them to the best of our abilities because buying a home is likely the largest purchase most people will make in their lives.”

Peart revealed several of her goals for Desperado Realty for this year, which include expanding the property management side to 100 doors, reaching a total of 5 capping agents, and obtaining a larger office space for the company. Over the next few years, Desperado Realty is looking at the possibility of expanding into more neighboring states.

Peart also shared her long-term dream of putting up halfway house communities for individuals struggling with various life problems, allowing them to have a roof over their heads and the opportunity to learn a trade that will help them become economically independent.

“I was a single mother for a long time, and it was very hard,” Peart says. “Home ownership was something I couldn’t even dream of back then. In the future, I want to give people in need hope that they can triumph over their problems. We’re excited that Desperado Realty’s operations are now expanding, and more people will be able to benefit from our local expertise that will help them navigate the home buying and selling process.”