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ICS Founders Set To Launch AI Business System Generator & Ecosystem – Project K


Ian McDonald and John Colegrave have scheduled to deploy Project K, an AI-powered generative engine that will disrupt proprietary platforms by generating Business Management Systems in near real-time.

Sydney, Australia, June 05, 2024 – ICS, one of the leading Australian software development companies, is proud to announce the imminent launch of Project K, an artificial intelligence (AI) driven business system generator and ecosystem poised to revolutionize the way complex business systems are developed and implemented. The founders aim to become a premier provider of AI-generated business systems on the internet, empowering anyone to create, source, and monetize sophisticated business applications effortlessly.

Project K

Developing robust business systems has traditionally required significant expertise and expense. Larger systems tend to suffer from low-quality code, and the proprietary nature of many platforms restricts innovation and interoperability. There is a pressing need for a more efficient, open, and high-quality approach to business system development. Project K will harness artificial intelligence to generate intricate business systems in real time. The cloud-hosted ecosystem drastically reduces costs and development time. By utilizing a no-code environment, voice inputs, and haptic Vision Pro inputs, this system will democratize the creation of complex software, allowing users to build sophisticated systems without deep technical knowledge.

Project K has immense potential due to its technological advancements, and market demands, thanks to the visionaries behind this. John Colegrave, Founder & Chief Technical Officer, has more than 30 years of software development experience. John came from a background in mathematics, mobile robotics, and business systems. Project K leverages all these capabilities.

Ian McDonald, CEO & Founder, holds a Master of Business and brings over 25 years of experience in business development and international business expansion, and was recognized as a Young Australian of the Year in 2001. Together they have overseen the development and management of national information systems across Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand.

ICS is the project’s first customer, or as the founders call it – Customer Zero, itself, is known for its enterprise software solutions for large organizations, particularly government entities. Founder and CEO Ian states, “We will be cutting our teeth using our existing company’s customer base, and would further have a subscription model for all.”

Unlike other companies creating AI systems, ICS focuses on utilizing technology that holds longevity and will remain long after the hype has died down: Project K’s technologies will provide real economic benefit. This AI-agnostic approach ensures the use of the best available AI engines for various purposes, allowing flexibility and adaptability in software generation. This project promises to generate extremely intricate software systems rapidly, suitable for complex applications such as government management of nuclear waste or biodiversity. ICS’s extensive experience in building large-scale systems ensures the delivery of reliable and comprehensive solutions.

Despite the hype surrounding AI, ICS recognizes the current limitations and realistic applications of the technology. Project K is positioned to capitalize on AI’s strengths, providing practical and powerful tools for real-world challenges.

The founders of ICS, and now Project K, are known for their core values, which include sustainability, commitment, evolution, integrity, longevity, and a holistic approach. They leverage technology for sustainable resource management, promote transparency and accountability, and have maintained leadership and innovation since the early days of the Internet. Their commitment to these values has made their company reputable.

ICS is excited to unveil Project K and invites stakeholders to join in this groundbreaking journey to transform the business systems landscape through AI innovation.

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