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11th Brand Influence Development Conference held in Beijing, with focus on three major areas driving the global economy


At the 11th Brand Influence Conference, V-Moment, Clora, and Globast gained attention for innovative global market practices.

TianJin, China, June 04, 2024 – On May 24-25, 2024, the highly anticipated 11th Brand Influence Development Conference was held at the National People’s Congress Convention Center in Beijing, China. During the conference, V-Moment Global Healthcare Social Platform, Clora Cross-Border e-Commerce, and Globast Supply Chain attracted significant attention and became the focus of the event. Their innovative practices are at the forefront of market development and indicate that they will play a crucial role globally, leading a new round of economic growth.

At the 11th Brand Influence Development Conference in 2024, Globast Supply Chain and Clora Cross-Border e-Commerce were awarded the “Influential Brand of the Year 2024”, while V-Moment was recognized as one of the “Top 100 Brands with Brand Influence in 2024.”

Connecting Businesses around the World

V-Moment Global Healthcare Social Platform has brought revolutionary changes to the healthcare industry with its forward-thinking concepts and technological expertise. The V-Moment platform deeply integrates artificial intelligence technology. It has the capability to break geographical restrictions and enable the instant sharing and communication of health information through functions such as multi-language support and large-scale global video conferencing. The V-Moment platform system organically integrates multiple sectors, including cross-border e-commerce and new marketing, forming a highly interconnected business ecosystem that injects new vitality into global economic growth.

Redefining Global Shopping and Promoting Global Trade
The Clora Cross-Border e-Commerce Platform offers a unique membership-based alliance e-commerce model that is revolutionizing the global shopping experience. Clora Cross-Border e-Commerce Platform has partnered with multiple renowned manufacturers worldwide, facilitating access for enterprises from different countries and regions to the global market, with products originating from dozens of countries from all five continents.

Efficient Supply Chains and Deeper Market Integration Among Countries

Globast Supply Chain, as a vital cornerstone of global trade, also has been a key focus at this conference. Its goal is to provide “convenient, punctual and accessible service worldwide”. To achieve this, Globast Supply Chain has set up an efficient global logistics service network through professional, information-based, and standardized operation management. This provides reliable support for the rapid distribution of global commodities and to a certain extent reduces the cost and risk of global trade. Additionally, Globast Supply Chain’s innovative private social closed-loop and cross-border membership system offers global manufacturers a more extensive market reach and collaboration opportunities.


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