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REPEAT – Metasphere Labs Focuses its Carbon Aware Routing Protocol


VANCOUVER, British Columbia, June 03, 2024 – Metasphere Labs Inc. (formerly Looking Glass Labs Ltd., “Metasphere Labs” or the “Company“) (Cboe Canada: LABZ) (OTC: LABZF) (FRA: H1N) is pleased to provide further details on its innovative carbon aware routing protocol initiative. In response to the significant environmental impact of the Internet’s growing energy demands, Metasphere Labs has chosen to build the reference design for its carbon aware routing protocol with a focus on NVIDIA-based GPU clusters and their typical data center architectures.

Rationale for Focusing on NVIDIA GPU Clusters

The Internet’s energy usage is set to more than double this decade, driven largely by the increasing reliance on machine learning and AI technologies. These technologies are dependent on Graphical Processing Units (“GPUs”), with NVIDIA leading the charge in performing deep, energy-intensive computations. As AR/VR and the open metaverse gain traction, the demand for efficient GPU clusters will continue to grow exponentially.

Moreover, the resurgence of GPU mining within the cryptocurrency sector, fueled by the convergence of AI and Web3 technologies, further intensifies the computational load. Complex processes such as zero-knowledge proofs, which cannot be efficiently managed by ASICs, are becoming more prevalent. These developments underscore the necessity for optimized energy use in GPU clusters.

Transitioning to Internet 3.0

We are transitioning from Internet 2.0, characterized by simple computations and extensive input/output operations, to Internet 3.0, which demands significantly more computational power. This new era involves:

  • Running sophisticated AI models that require substantial energy.
  • Supporting the metaverse with AR and VR technologies.
  • Facilitating blockchain applications, such as mining and solving zero-knowledge proofs.

Given these trends, Metasphere Labs is committed to addressing the environmental impact of this shift by designing a carbon aware routing protocol that prioritizes routes minimizing carbon emissions, particularly within NVIDIA GPU cluster setups.

MVP Release Timeline

Metasphere Labs is on track to have the Minimum Viable Product (“MVP”) of the reference design for the carbon aware routing protocol ready by Mobile World Congress Americas 2023. This milestone will demonstrate the feasibility and impact of the protocol, setting the stage for broader industry adoption and further development.

The Path Forward

By focusing on the use case of NVIDIA GPU clusters and their typical data center architectures, Metasphere Labs aims to create a practical and impactful solution to reduce the Internet’s carbon footprint. This reference design will serve as a foundational blueprint, encouraging industry-wide adoption and further innovation.

Join the Initiative

As this initiative progresses, Metasphere Labs welcomes collaboration from partners and industry leaders to enhance and diversify the reference design, incorporating various architectures and elements to optimize its effectiveness. To learn more about our carbon aware routing protocol or to participate in its development, please contact Natasha Ingram at

Metasphere Labs is excited to lead this initiative towards a more sustainable future for the Internet. Together, we can significantly reduce the environmental impact of the Internet, fostering a greener digital landscape.


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