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Himax to Integrate WiseEye™ with NVIDIA TAO to Advance AI Vision Deployment in a Robust Ecosystem


Empowering On-Device, Ultralow-Power Endpoint AI with Enterprise-Ready, Pretrained Models, Low-Code Capabilities, Custom Optimization, and Efficient Deployment Tools

TAINAN, Taiwan, June 03, 2024 – Himax Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: HIMX) (“Himax” or “Company”), a leading supplier and fabless manufacturer of display drivers and other semiconductor products, today announced it is integrating its advanced WiseEye™ Ultralow Power AI Sensing solution with the powerful NVIDIA TAO platform to enable enterprise-ready intelligent AI capabilities and streamline on-device AI deployment for battery-powered devices.

WiseEye™ seamlessly integrates Himax’s proprietary ultralow power AI processors, always-on CMOS image sensors, and advanced CNN-based AI algorithms, revolutionizing battery-powered, on-device vision AI applications. With power consumption of just a few milliwatts, WiseEye™ targets battery-powered endpoint AI device markets to drive AI for everyday life. Such devices typically demand extended battery life to minimize maintenance and enhance usability. WiseEye™ delivers intuitive and intelligent user interactions, making advanced AI sensing possible even in power-constrained environments. By bringing advanced, user-friendly AI capabilities, WiseEye™ sets a new standard for endpoint AI, offering unmatched performance and extended operational lifetimes.

Himax’s collaboration with NVIDIA empowers developers with AI-accelerated capabilities through the WiseEye module, Himax’s proprietary evaluation kits, and third-party development boards powered by WiseEye™ AI. Developers can quickly democratize their end-point AI applications with these cost-efficient, production-ready modules, while gaining access to a professional, efficient training platform through NVIDIA TAO, facilitating the development of enterprise-ready AI models. NVIDIA TAO offers an API-driven workflow that leverages a collection of pretrained models and transfer learning to enable users to build custom AI models with ease. It simplifies AI development with no-code or low-code capabilities, allowing for fine-tuning of models for specific use cases. Additionally, NVIDIA TAO offers tools to optimize and quantize deep learning models for deployment on resource-constrained endpoint devices, including those with the WiseEye AI processor integrated. These tools reduce model size and ensure efficient performance in real-world scenarios. Seeed Studio, a key partner in the WiseEye ecosystem, provides a real case illustration of this collaboration through its SenseCraft toolkit, which enables the seamless conversion of NVIDIA TAO-trained object detection and classification models for no-code deployment on the WiseEye platform. It also packages these models with firmware, ensuring compatibility and interoperability with popular development boards like Seeed Xiao, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and ESP32. Seeed Studio’s solutions have already proven effective in the market, facilitating successful AI implementation for customers.

“We are thrilled to work with NVIDIA on this collaboration that merges the power of NVIDIA TAO with Himax’s industry-leading WiseEye™ Ultralow Power AI Sensing solution. Himax is helping shape the future by streamlining AI development to facilitate quicker time-to-market, ushering in a new era of on-device AI with ultralow power consumption, and marking a significant leap forward in the industry,” said Mark Chen, Vice President of Smart Sensing Business at Himax.