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Shopee and SMEs launch #ShopeeHaul to Empower Malaysian Women


Muslimah Fashion Capsule Wardrobe Tailored for Modest to Modern Types

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA  29 May 2024 – Shopee has partnered with diverse Malaysian Muslimah fashion SMEs to create a capsule collection tailored for June 2024, in a drive to support local sellers while elevating the confidence of women nationwide. The new 6.6 GayaLitLit #ShopeeHaul wardrobe seeks to provide versatile styling possibilities that can be shopped below RM40 on its platform, especially by Malaysian women from all walks of life.

Three possible ways to wear your #ShopeeHaul looks
Three possible ways to wear your #ShopeeHaul looks

According to a recent platform study of Muslimah fashion buyers aged 35 to 44 years old on the platform, 7 in 10 Muslimah women who come from mainly rural areas nationwide prioritise comfort first and foremost. When asked how they select their wardrobe, half of these women add to cart items that make them feel confident. Two thirds of those surveyed are motivated to search for new outfits to fit an occasion, or to replace clothes that are worn out.*

Shopee has doubled-down on platform infrastructure and service quality over the last year, and this will meet the key needs of Muslimah fashion shoppers looking to shop online with ease of mind. Shopee’s On Time Guarantee means faster and more flexible delivery options such as next day delivery, instant delivery, and more Shopee self-collection points for Malaysians. Shopee has also expanded its Change of Mind free returns, no questions asked policy for more products and items, during the 15-day Shopee Guarantee period.

“We’re observing very dynamic evolution in Muslimah Fashion trends on Shopee Live where homegrown sellers adapt to their local communities in hyper-localised ways,” explained Tan Ming Kit, Head of Marketing and Business Intelligence at Shopee. “Sellers like Panda Eyes, Lovito, and Zoe Arissa are hosting regular live streams on Shopee Live that convey styling information, product fit, and 360-degree views of huge product assortments so that audiences nationwide can get the information they need online.”

“In collaborating with M2Dream, DEEM Store, ZUCCA, Panda Eyes, KM Fashion Center, Stynis Traveller Luggage & Bags Store, Zoe Arissa, Tudung Exclusive and ZEKE Store, we’ve crafted a collection where women can recreate multiple, cohesive, looks with a few simple treasured pieces,” commented Ming Kit. “Our modest attire can be layered with edgy outerwear and accessories, so that Malaysian women can express their individuality in everyday occasions from Monday to Sunday in comfort and style.”

Available for women of all skin tones and sizes, the inclusive GayaLitLit #ShopeeHaul collection includes staple outfits that can be styled into three key looks that are ‘in’ this season, according to Shopee’s in-house stylists. The ‘Sis Ranggi’ look for standing out can be achieved with turban style tudung with smart casual pants or skirt and jacket. The ‘Everyday Cantik’ conservative chic of monochrome oversized button-up shirt with pants can be worn from workwear to weekend makan-makan. ‘Anggun Bergaya’ look with proper and elegant neat lines can be achieved by dressing up a maxi dress with a shawl.

In addition to the curation of these outfits, Shopee’s official ShopeeMamak channel is serving up styling advice daily on Shopee Live from 31 May to 6 June 2024, to give styling advice to Muslimah women nationwide for free. In addition to learning from Shopee’s trusted celebrity influencers such as Sasha Abdul Aziz, Sherry Alhadad, and Bella Astillah, audiences can join the styling game and win up to RM3000 in cash.

The #ShopeeHaul collection is available now on, with prices ranging from RM1 to RM40. The #ShopeeHaul collection, a first of its kind for Muslimah fashion in Malaysia, reflects Shopee’s commitment to help drive marketplace inclusion for SMEs and improve choices available to underserved buyers using technology.

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