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How GZERO Additive answers the demands of modern manufacturing with industrial-grade 3D printers


GZERO Additive contributes to the evolution of the modern manufacturing industry by developing industrial-grade 3D printers that reduce lead times and improve supply chain resilience.

Elsmere, Kentucky, May 28, 2024 – Industrial 3D printing has gone mainstream, becoming a practical alternative to traditional manufacturing processes as more and more companies shift to volume production of 3D-printed products and parts. Although some enthusiasts might question the once comically slow processing of 3D printing, there are recent technological innovations that improve this feature. At the forefront of this landscape is GZERO Additive, a leading developer of industrial-grade 3D printers based in Kentucky, United States.

Michael Parks and Andrew Ditmer, the founders of GZERO Additive, spent years modifying 3D printers to produce the parts they needed. Michael and Andrew, both graduates of the University of Cincinnati College of Engineering and Applied Science, started as mere hobbyists and enthusiasts who wish to purchase a printer that is more functional than what one would see in a high school. The engineering buddies, in their pursuit of finding the machine of their dreams, only found machines that were too small to make functional parts or large machines that were too slow to replicate designs swiftly.

Driven by their passion (or frustration) for finding the ultimate printer, they found themselves contributing to the fast-changing manufacturing industry by creating the GZERO Additive 43 Series—the solution to their dilemma. Michael remarked, “We realized that no one’s filling this certain niche, one that provides low-cost but high-end machines, especially not American-made machines. Andrew and I had worked in the industry for at least a few years at that time, and so we said, let’s try to build a machine. We did some rough designs, did the costing, and pondered whether we’ll commercialize it one day.”

The journey has been strenuous, from building their very first machine that was a pain to assemble to developing the alpha prototype and eventually multiple beta units to refine the manufacturing process further. In 2022, the duo finally succeeded in creating the machine of their dreams, which is what is now known as the 43 Series.

GZERO Additive extends its services to businesses and individuals who need a hobby by providing them with prototypes, assisting with custom fixtures, and doing small-batch manufacturing. With its top-quality 3D printers, GZERO Additive has produced a wide range of parts, models, and prototypes for multiple use cases. Some of these include assembly fixtures, full-scale mockups, wind tunnel test articles, custom car parts, custom work holding, and tool-holding devices. It is worth noting that the leading 3D printer developer uses materials like recycled polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG) to ensure fast, inexpensive, and high-quality prototyping in addition to strong functional parts made from carbon fiber nylon.

Those who prefer to do the printing themselves can purchase any (or both) of the GZERO Additive 43 Series 3D printers. “Our engineers have already done the heavy lifting, from assembling and aligning to parameter tuning. All you need to do is unpack the machine, feed the machine the material you want, and start making whatever you want, whether it is models, prototypes, or parts.”

The 43 Series machines boast excellent user design, with automatic bed leveling and a seven-inch touchscreen. Because they run on a standard 15A 120V circuit, users need not worry about special wiring. Another outstanding feature of GZERO Additive’s machines is its

oversized motion components and sturdy construction ensure the machines are ready for many thousands of hours of abuse.

With the 43 Series machines, GZERO Additive guarantees that users can run their favorite materials without requiring modifications, promising unrestricted potential. Ultimately, GZERO Additive answers the demands of modern manufacturing by reducing lead times and improving supply chain resilience. For anyone who asks, “Why GZERO Additive?” the answer is “Because race printer.”

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