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Dozen Diamonds is Set to Launch an App to Alleviate Financial Stress in Retail Trading


Dozen Diamonds has incorporated Stressless Trading Method (STM) in its app, paving the way for a more financially secure and stress-free future for all.

Atlanta, Georgia, May 24, 2024 – Innovative financial solutions provider Dozen Diamonds is set to launch an application in the third quarter, aiming to revolutionize the retail trading industry. This trading platform is designed to blend unique principles, offering a unique, prediction-less strategy that aims to minimize stress while fostering financial stability for traders.

Founded by Dr. Prateek Aggarwal, PhD with a mission to reduce financial stress and improve personal relationships impacted by financial strain, Dozen Diamonds stands out by prioritizing the psychological well-being of its users. This founder’s background spans engineering, psychology, and neuroscience, and has created a trading strategy that diverges from traditional, high-stress, prediction-based methods. Instead, the Stressless Trading Method (STM) promises consistent, albeit modest, returns by spreading risk across multiple trades rather than concentrating it on a few high-stakes bets.

This Stressless Trading Method is the cornerstone of this company’s upcoming app. By eliminating the need for market predictions, STM transforms the trading experience into one that resembles a series of smaller gains rather than just a ‘gamble’. This strategy is built on the concept of ‘extra cash’, where each buy or sell order contributes a fixed, predictable amount to the trader’s overall cash position. The approach ensures that traders can satisfactorily walk away with tangible cash at the end of each trading day, reducing the anxiety associated with trading by leveraging the volatility of financial markets.

“Our goal is to make trading as stress-free as possible,” explains the founder. However, the founder will not stop at trading. He envisions its next groundbreaking project: a credit profile analyzer that evaluates individuals based on their financial habits rather than just their financial status. This innovative tool will democratize access to business loans by recognizing and rewarding responsible financial behavior.

“Traditional credit scoring systems often overlook the nuanced financial habits that truly reflect an individual’s ability to stay disciplined while managing debt,” Dr. Aggarwal states. “Our future technologies will integrate these habits into the credit scoring process, offering a fairer assessment and opening up opportunities for those who might otherwise be denied.”

Dozen Diamonds’ overarching vision is to create financial tools that enhance the lives of families by making financial decisions less stressful and more intuitive. The company’s philosophy is grounded in simplicity and transparency, ensuring that its solutions are accessible to anyone. The founder further adds, “Our data scientists strive to create tools that make sense even to a high school graduate. We want our users to feel confident in their financial decisions, knowing that they are grounded in sound, transparent principles.”

The impending launch of their trading app marks just the beginning of Dozen Diamonds’ journey. With plans to delve into the realm of options trading and further refine its financial models, the company is set on a path of continuous innovation. Their commitment to behavioral finance as a means to improve financial well-being positions Dozen Diamonds as a forward-thinking player in the fintech space.

As the third quarter approaches, the anticipation for Dozen Diamonds’ app grows. Promising to alleviate the stress of trading and introduce a more equitable way to assess creditworthiness, the company’s dual focus on finance and psychology could very well redefine the future of personal finance.

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