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Kno2 and Docusign Revolutionize Provider-to-Provider Signature Workflows in Healthcare


BOISE, Idaho, May 23, 2024 – Kno2®, the leader in interoperable healthcare communication is excited to announce the transformation of provider-to-provider signature workflows in the healthcare industry with one of the world’s leaders in e-signature, Docusign.

The strategic partnership between Kno2 and Docusign will leverage Kno2’s network and patented healthcare communications API with Docusign’s intelligent agreement management platform to create an innovative end-to-end solution designed to streamline care plan and order signatures and other critical provider-to-provider signature workflows.

This partnership addresses one of healthcare’s most burdensome, fax ridden workflows—the inefficiency in signature capture between rendering and referring providers.

“Our mission at Kno2 is to drive innovation in healthcare communication to improve provider experience and patient care,” said Jon Elwell, CEO of Kno2. “By embedding Docusign into our patented Communication API with Docusign’s comprehensive agreement capabilities, we are setting a new standard for how healthcare providers and their respective EHRs manage and execute critical workflows.”

Docusign, known for its leadership in intelligent agreement management, brings proven solutions that simplify and accelerate agreement processes across various industries. For healthcare, where timely patient care and adherence to complex compliance standards are paramount, our joint solution promises to significantly increase operational efficiencies.

“Docusign is committed to transforming the way business is done,” said Janine Grasso, Docusign Group Vice President of Partner Development & Alliances. “Our collaboration with Kno2 is a perfect example of how our intelligent agreement management solutions can address specific industry challenges—in this case, improving the healthcare signature workflows to ensure that patient care is timely, secure, and compliant.”

The combined solution from Kno2 and Docusign will offer unparalleled flexibility. It is designed to:

  • Reduce the time and effort required to get necessary signatures on orders, care plans and other documents, thereby accelerating the decision-making process related to patient care.
  • Enhance compliance with healthcare regulations through secure and verifiable signature processes.
  • Improve overall efficiency by eliminating paper-based processes, reducing errors, and decreasing administrative overhead through connectivity with most EHRs.

Kno2 and Docusign are enhancing the workflow between rendering and referring providers but also supporting the broader healthcare ecosystem’s move towards digital transformation. With both companies’ proven products and shared vision, the solution is poised to become an essential tool in modern healthcare operations, offering scalability and effectiveness in handling complex healthcare interactions.

For more information about the partnership or to request a demo of the new solution, please visit and

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