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A VERY GOOD BOY? Combines Faith, Crime, and Suspense in a Harrowing Teen Drama


New YA novel from Palmetto Publishing explores how one bad choice can alter a life—and how even life-altering choices can be redeemed

A Very Good Boy?


Charleston, SC, May 23, 2024- Our childhood years are supposed to be the most carefree times in our lives. But like for many, Timothy Judson is about to find out how your friends can shape your life—for the good or for the bad.

Although Timothy has a good life from the outside—good grades, liked by his peers, and someone the girls at school think is pretty nice to look at—on the inside, he feels alone. Timothy has a bad relationship with his father, and that leads to a deep loneliness. As he searches for connection, he develops a friendship with a classmate who leads him into drugs but, at the same time, makes him feel a sense of belonging. Before his life can go off the rails, he falls in love with Mary, whose heart helps him leave his short stint into the world of drugs behind. But when his actions result in a death in town, his life will never be the same—until a pastor enters his life to provide him one, final lifeline.

Blending genre fiction and faith with small-town drama, A Very Good Boy? has it all: crime, mystery, murder, drugs, and suspense. This incredible story is a great choice for teens looking for relatable, locally-focused fiction, and for teachers, parents and grandparents to read with their classes or families. Readers will become deeply invested in Timothy’s journey. A Very Good Boy?  is a picture of hope and redemption in the midst of harrowing times.

A Very Good Boy? is available for purchase online at and Barnes and For more information about the author, please visit any of his social media platforms.