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iPower’s SuperSuite Supply Chain Business Celebrates a Year of Transformative Growth


RANCHO CUCAMONGA, Calif., May 20, 2024 – iPower Inc. (Nasdaq: IPW) (“iPower” or the “Company”), a tech and data-driven online retailer and supplier of consumer home, pet and garden products, as well as a provider of value-added ecommerce services, today announced the first anniversary of its SuperSuite supply chain business (“SuperSuite”) and key differentiators fueling its transformative growth.

“Since its inception in 2023, SuperSuite has emerged as a critical partner for innovative product companies looking to expand their omnichannel presence, enabling them to accelerate their sales growth and brand recognition,” said Lawrence Tan, CEO of iPower. “We’re pleased with SuperSuite’s strong sales momentum in recent months, as it now accounts for approximately 10% of revenue and contributed to iPower’s return to profitability in our fiscal third quarter of 2024. We are working through a robust pipeline of top-tier partners and look forward to capitalizing on the growing demand for SuperSuite as it becomes an even larger contributor to our revenue mix.”

iPower’s SuperSuite provides a comprehensive solution that includes access to major U.S. online channels such as Vendor Channel, 3P,, Temu, TikTok Shop, eBay,,, and, as well as robust connections with offline big-box retailers. Coupled with a strategically located network of fulfillment centers and a proprietary business intelligence platform, SuperSuite empowers brands with efficient fulfillment services and critical data-driven insights for strategic decision-making.

SuperSuite has become a trusted partner for innovative brands such as Sansui, a leading manufacturer of TVs, computer monitors and speakers; and Kuka Home, a supplier of high-quality upholstered furniture. These brands have generated remarkable sales growth and operational efficiencies by leveraging SuperSuite’s deep network of sales channels, strategic fulfillment centers and data-driven insights. Their success underscores SuperSuite’s superior capabilities in supply chain management, merchandising and warehousing to ultimately drive partner growth across diverse industries.

iPower’s SuperSuite platform is also an ecosystem open to value-added partners, including logistics, technology, and marketing providers, further enhancing the comprehensive service offerings. This collaborative approach has positioned SuperSuite at the forefront of market trends, attracting a wide array of new partners and setting the stage for future expansion.