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From Broke to Breakthrough: Culture Holidays Celebrates 20+ Years of Remarkable Experiences


Culture Holidays, a leading travel operator, is now on its 24-year mark offering affordable, unique, and life-changing tours.

New Delhi, India, May 20, 2024 – Travel operators and agencies do not receive enough credit for providing their clients with safe and transformative travel experiences. Many have heard stories about travel and tourism businesses that started from scratch and worked their way up toward success. However, not everyone hears about the triumph behind these stories and the hardships they had to go through in order to reach and maintain that success.

One such story is that of this leading travel operator. Culture Holidays, now on its 24-year mark, has been in the industry offering a wide range of travel solutions for travel agents and end consumers. With over 28,000 travel agents across the United States, the company plans on expanding to the UK and Australian markets. They offer affordable and unique country tours in Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and the Middle East making it effortless for travel agents to recommend to their clients.

What makes their offer unique is that not only will the travelers get to see the famous tourist spots in each country, they also get to discover more about themselves as they can choose various transformative tours being offered.

The company offers special package tours with one-of-a-kind names such as Awakening Trips, Signature Trips, Group Trips, Private Trips, and Special Occasion Trips. “Most people travel because they want to enjoy and relax. Some people even spend a year’s worth of their savings just to see and experience new places. And our goal is to give them back their money’s worth based on our offers and give them the unique experiences they deserve,” Sanjay Bhasin says, founder of the company.

However, establishing this company was not a smooth drive. In the early 2000s, the company faced a significant setback due to a poorly considered investment. The business experienced a significant downturn in the market, leaving him burdened with millions in debt that he had no means to repay, having invested all his resources into the venture. Consequently, he was compelled to lay off all his employees and close the four offices established in India.

Sanjay’s determination did not wither as he was able to rebuild the business after many years of struggle. He changed his perspective in life and rebuilt Culture Holidays with a stronger foundation. “It felt like a needle had gone through my eye. But I knew I could rebuild this company better. The process was hard but it was all worth it,” Sanjay proudly shares. Today, with over 120 employees and a multistorey building in New Delhi, the company has not only survived but also established a reputable name in the industry.

Going through that very rough patch gave Sanjay the idea of creating offers based on how he was able to get back on his feet. He created the offer Awakening Trips as transformative tours for travelers. They prepared special programs during the trip that give travelers the great experience of having a sound mind and body during and after their vacation.

Sanjay envisions a promising future for Culture Holidays, as the company is experiencing 100% growth each year. He plans to take the company public, aiming for an IPO listing on the Bombay Stock Exchange within the next two years. Additionally, he intends to develop technology that will allow consumers to create their own travel packages, making trip planning easy and hassle-free.

“I’m thankful as the challenges I faced in rebuilding Culture Holidays made the company what it is today. With a stable foundation, I can see a bright future for Culture Holidays in the years to come,” Sanjay says.


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