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With a Firm Commitment to Sustainability, launches new initiatives to support a greener future. Electrifies Sustainable Mobility Movement

With a Firm Commitment to Sustainability, launches new initiatives to support a greener future.
With a Firm Commitment to Sustainability, launches new initiatives to support a greener future.

New York, NY, May 18, 2024 –, a leader in the online electric vehicle marketplace, is excited to announce its renewed commitment to zero-emission mobility through a series of initiatives under the theme “Driving a Greener Tomorrow.” This declaration underscores its dedication to promoting sustainable transportation solutions and marks a significant step forward in its mission to facilitate the global transition to electric vehicles (EVs).

Electric vehicles play a pivotal role in the push toward sustainability by significantly reducing the emission of greenhouse gases and other pollutants compared to their gasoline-powered counterparts. As an environmentally friendly alternative, EVs help mitigate climate change and reduce dependence on fossil fuels, leading to a more sustainable and cleaner environment. is the world’s 1st online marketplace for electric vehicles.

As part of its commitment, is expanding its inventory to include a broader range of electric vehicles from globally recognized manufacturers, such as Tesla, Ford, and Hyundai. This initiative ensures consumers access to diverse high-quality, zero-emission vehicles that fit various lifestyles and budgets. The expansion is designed to make EVs more accessible to the general public, encouraging more consumers to consider eco-friendly transportation options. has partnered with reputable OEM-authorized sellers covering most major brands, including Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, and Ford, providing shoppers on access to tens of thousands of affordable EVs across major cities in the United States.

Joel Li, Founder and CEO of stated, “Our commitment to a sustainable future is stronger than ever. At, we believe that fostering zero-emission mobility is not just about selling electric vehicles—it’s about creating a movement.”

“By expanding our offerings and enhancing our platform, we are making it easier for everyone to participate in this important shift towards a cleaner, greener planet.” the representative added.

In addition to increasing its vehicle offerings, is launching educational programs to raise awareness about the benefits of electric cars. These programs will provide valuable information on EVs’ environmental impact, the long-term cost savings they offer, and their overall contributions to reducing global carbon footprints. aims to transform the automotive market by providing a platform that showcases electric cars for sale and educates and supports consumers throughout their electric vehicle journey.

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