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ZTX Launches New Batch of Games In Massive Expansion Update


ZTX to unveil milestone expansion update next week that will showcase new wave of gaming experiences and larger metaverse landscape.

Singapore, Singapore , May 17, 2024 – ZTX, the Web3 social metaverse platform, has revealed that it is planning to release a massive update next week that will enable users to access land outside their own homes in the metaverse. The newly accessible territory, called Arcadia, will be open to all users and feature new games that users can play to compete against each other for rewards.


Users will need to travel to Arcadia from their original spawning point within their own homes upon logging in. Once inside Arcadia, users will engage in three types of gamified experiences; Moonshot (golf), Bank Bucket (basketball), and Treasure Track (treasure hunt). These new experiences will feature entry fees and other sinks to maximize player performances, and also be associated with various reward pools.

Beyond the gaming aspect, however, Arcadia is set up to serve as a hub for upcoming social features, such as chatting or multi-player setup. The new territory will also gradually exhibit new architecture that can be explored; these buildings will feature some degree of economic activities such as forging or resource gathering.

Alexx, Chief Futurist at ZTX commented: “Arcadia is a giant step forward for the ZTX ecosystem. To celebrate the birth of Arcadia, we will be hosting new competitions and challenges, and the Arcadia launch really kind of serves as a watershed moment for us because with these new heightened activities we will kick off campaigns related to Stickerly or the ecosystem chain. Users actively holding Genesis homes, ZTX tokens, and participating actively in ZTX/Arcadia will be acknowledged as we prepare the launch of these other milestone products like Stickerly and the eco-chain. To acknowledge more of our community, we’ll also be releasing a new governance forum, and we expect this summer to be an insanely busy but exciting summer for the community. Arcadia is really the beginning of that intense window.”

ZTX previously announced that development for its own blockchain is underway, and it appears that significant work has already been put in place. The ZTX team stated that more detailed updates about the ecosystem chain and Stickerly will be offered in the coming weeks via its official ZTX accounts on X and Discord.

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