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Expense Management Provider Announces Cash Advance Feature to Simplify Small Expense Claims


London, UK, May 17, 2024- Award-winning expense management service provider, ExpenseOnDemand, announces the launch of its Cash Advance feature, available in all global markets. The solution aims to simplify the expense claims process for both employers and employees, by automating access to funds and allowing easy pathways to small expense claims, such as travel expenses, food or hospitality bills, transport charges and more.

Siddharth Nigam, Director of Product & Strategy at ExpenseOnDemand, discussed the benefits of the new Cash Advance feature for small businesses:

“The Cash Advance feature completely removes the need for businesses to handle small expense claims through credit cards or petty cash. Employers can quickly set up spend limits within our expenses app on an employee by employee basis; staff can then see exactly what their spend limits are and what they can claim. This process dramatically reduces friction in the claims process, and simplifies a businesses involvement in their employee’s expense requirements. Additionally, our customers in the Indian and Middle Eastern markets rely heavily on petty cash for expense management. In these regions, our Advances feature has been a game changer due to its simplicity, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. ”

“Our Cash Advance feature also allows for set limits on certain types of expenses, mitigating risk for employers and ensuring employees remain within specific budget ranges. Businesses have complete control of what staff can and cannot claim for.”

ExpenseOnDemand’s Cash Advance feature is just one of the many features we’ve developed to simplify the business expense process. In a market known for complex and inaccessible systems, ExpenseOnDemand’s mission statement is to provide intuitive, easy-to-use solutions that offer all the sophistication and depth of competitor services, without the complexities – and costs – that often come hand-in-hand.

“We pride ourselves on our innovative approach to expense management.” comments Nigam. “We know a feature-rich environment is important to customers, but that shouldn’t come at the cost of a genuinely usable tool. ExpenseOnDemand has invested heavily in designing a system that anyone can use, and when questions arise, our live support teams are available to help with everything from implementation and setup to making the most of our platform’s many features and tools. Of course, our implementation setup is complimentary, as is our ongoing support. We’ve found that this approach not only minimises issues for our support team in the long run but also ensures happier customers!”

Businesses across the world can benefit from ExpenseOnDemand’s Cash Advance feature. Free demos and trial access are available at 


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