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SRC Awarded Contract to Supply SR Hawk Radars to Poland


Polish military announces a contract to upgrade BWR-1D/S Reconnaissance Fighting Vehicles with SRC, Inc.’s SR Hawk surveillance radar.

SR Hawk Radar

SR Hawk Radar
SR Hawk Radar

Syracuse, NY, May 16, 2024 —

In February 2024, the Polish military announced a contract to upgrade 15 more of their BWR-1D/S Reconnaissance Fighting Vehicles with SRC, Inc.’s SR Hawk surveillance radar. This follows a previous contract from 2021 where 25 BWR-1 vehicles were upgraded to include SR Hawk radars. The addition of SRC’s SR Hawk ground surveillance radar to reconnaissance fighting vehicles modernizes their ability to monitor and track activity.SRC’s SR Hawk radar can detect personnel, land vehicles and marine vessels, making it ideal for a wide range of applications including border surveillance and artillery spotting. SRC continues to improve this system with hardware and software updates that enhance usability and performance. The SR Hawk radar is manufactured and supported by SRC in the USA.

“As we continue to advance the capabilities of our military partners, SRC is proud to support the modernization efforts of our Eastern European allies through the integration of our SR Hawk technology,” said Kevin Hair, president and CEO of SRC, Inc.

Fielded around the world with more 500 units delivered, the SR Hawk radar has earned a reputation for its reliability and effectiveness in enhancing situational awareness and operational effectiveness. The radar’s versatility allows it to be installed in a variety of configurations including vehicles, towers, expeditionary emplacement and more.