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Soul, Sex, and Self Amidst Adversity: a Sweet and Spicey Travel Story Transcends One Woman Towards Liberation


In a love letter to Greece, Jackie Theoharis’ new memoir from Palmetto Publishing, THE TRUTH ABOUT GREECE THAT SUMMER, talks resilience and healing, one island at a time.

The Truth About Greece That Summer


Charleston, SC, May 16, 2024- Life, existing in oppositions, often cries for us to notice its seemingly small yet massively significant details to muster the courage to move forward. In a world ensnared by the grip of the global pandemic, actor and teacher Jackie Theoharis found herself at a crossroads of personal turmoil and uncertainty. Battling the depths of a mental breakdown in the suffocating confines of her New York City home, Jackie sought solace and renewal in the only open refuge available – Greece, the land of her ancestors.

In her memoir The Truth About Greece That Summer, Jackie unveils a narrative beyond mere travelogue. Previously performed by the author as a cabaret show, the book connects many relatable tropes: heritage, female identity, purpose, loneliness, finding home, and moving on from toxic relationships. Through poignant prose and unfiltered reflection, her memoir delves into the depths of self-discovery amidst the enchanting backdrop of the sun-drenched landscapes and ancient alleys of Greece’s mesmerizing islands.

From the vibrant streets of Mykonos to the serene shores of Serifos, each destination becomes a chapter in Jackie’s odyssey towards liberation and healing.  Through moments of laughter and tears, she confronts the shadows of her past and emerges stronger, imbued with newfound clarity and purpose. Her story resonates with authenticity as she navigates the labyrinth of identity, mental health, and the pursuit of personal freedom.

Beyond serving as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, The Truth About Greece That Summer celebrates the enduring essence of a land steeped in history and tradition. Jackie’s narrative, infused with humor and insight, offers readers a refreshing blend of wit and introspection, inviting them to immerse themselves in a world of stirring and yes, sexy adventures, where each page turns up the heat with unexpected twists and turns.

Described as “Greek yogurt with honey and granola,” Jackie’s writing style embodies a unique fusion of tart wit and profound observation, captivating a diverse audience spanning generations. Through her memoir, she extends an electrifying invitation to embrace the transformative power of travel and the timeless wisdom found in reconnecting with one’s cultural heritage.

The Truth About Greece That Summer is available for purchase online at and Barnes and For more information about the author, please visit any of her social media platforms.


Instagram: @jackie.theoharis