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Huntress Signs CISA’s Secure By Design Pledge


Highlights Huntress’s commitment to building secure software to protect businesses from emerging cybersecurity threats

CISA Secure By Design

Huntress signs CISA Secure By Design Pledge
Huntress signs CISA Secure By Design Pledge

COLUMBIA, Md., May 16, 2024 – Huntress announced that it signed CISA’s ‘Secure By Design’ pledge at the RSA 2024 conference. The pledge includes seven goals vendors are working towards to make our world more secure. Huntress was one of the first 60 companies to join the pledge alongside some of the biggest names in tech. In the spirit of radical transparency, companies are encouraged to publicly document their approach so that others can learn, supporting the adoption of complementary measures that advance a secure by design posture.

CISA director Jen Easterly commented, “Our goal for the entire community is to shift the security burden from individuals and small businesses – in other words, end users whose business is not a technology development effort or cyber security – to technology manufacturers whose business it is, and who are in the best position to address and manage security risks from the start.”

Huntress was founded on keeping small businesses and mid-enterprises more secure through community, education, and democratizing access to the cybersecurity tools and talent that used to be available only to the enterprise. This step will allow Huntress to partner with allies to protect businesses from cyber threats.

“We commend CISA on launching this important initiative and bringing together heavy hitters in technology to drive home the point that we have to build better software. We were thrilled to be in the inaugural pledge group and hope we inspire other vendors to follow our lead,” said Roger Koehler, Chief Information Security Officer for Huntress.

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