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heymax Partners with Visa to simplify Credit Card Rewards Experience


The innovative feature provides Visa cardholders with effortless transparency in tracking and maximising credit card rewards across their credit card portfolio, enabling smarter spending to unlock a world of rewards — from daily rebates to free dream vacations.

SINGAPORE 17 May 2024 – heymax, a Singapore-based fintech start-up recently announced the launch of its latest innovation, Card Maximiser, in partnership with Visa. This feature, powered by Visa Offers Platform (VOP), is set to redefine the way individuals earn credit card rewards and ensures consumers get the most out of every dollar spent. Visa Offers Platform (VOP) provides its clients access to Visa transaction data of enrolled cardholders with their consent. By integrating with VOP, clients can enhance their own loyalty and offer programmes with real-time rewards earning experiences.
heymax Card Maximiser is designed to help consumers seamlessly track their spending and optimise credit card rewards effortlessly. It empowers cardholders to have comprehensive and real-time insights into their card transactions and reward accrual. With Card Maximiser, consumers can accelerate their reward accumulation, opening the door to a world of rewards — from daily rebates to free dream vacations.
Joe Lu, CEO and Co-Founder of heymax, emphasised the game-changing nature of Card Maximiser: “Simplicity should not be at odds with High Rewards. With security and privacy fully in our user’s control, the Card Maximiser is already helping our users build a healthier and more enjoyable relationship with their cards by automatically clarifying which transactions are eligible for bonus points, and proactively tracking their monthly $1,000 bonus spending cap, all with just a one-time step. I believe the lowered friction will help more customers adopt and enjoy using Visa cards.”Adeline Kim, Visa Country Manager for Singapore & Brunei commented on the partnership: “This is a great financial management use case on our Visa Offers Platform. Cardholders in Singapore hold multiple cards in their wallets and may find challenges in keeping track of what rewards they have earned. Using heymax’s Card Maximiser feature, they can easily link their existing Visa cards and track the rewards earned on their cards across different bank portfolios seamlessly and efficiently. Together with the Max Miles earned on the heymax platform, cardholders can look forward to better optimisation of their rewards from their spend.”

How heymax Card Maximiser Works:
  1. Link Your Cards Securely: Utilising Visa’s secure network, consumers can link their Visa credit cards without compromising their card number, ensuring privacy and security.
  2. Real-Time Transaction Tracking: Offers an instant view of credit card transactions, eliminating the need for manual entry or synchronisation.
  3. Maximise Every Dollar: With clarity on how much is earned from each transaction, consumers can effortlessly track their progress towards reward goals without ever missing out on rewards.
Commitment to Data Security:
heymax is committed to maintaining the highest standards of data security. Drawing from Visa’s extensive experience in digital payments and robust security frameworks, heymax uses advanced encryption and adheres to industry-standard security practices. This allows users to link their cards safely, ensuring that personal and financial information remains private and secure.

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