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A New Era of Accessible Housing: DevCol Group Celebrates Over 10 Years in the Industry


DevCol Group has been improving US neighborhoods for over 10 years, completed more than 200 projects, and received 6 awards, a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence and quality.

Dallas, Texas, May 16, 2024 – Swift construction services, high-quality renovations, and paramount attention to detail are the cornerstones of DevCol Group, a Dallas-based development company founded in 2012. Throughout 10 years of existence, DevCol completed more than 200 projects and received 6 awards recognizing its expertise and dedication. Moreover, the company, its partners, and its employees are registered with the Texas Board of Architects, Reg#BR 2125. After over a decade of experience, DevCol remains committed to developing residential and commercial buildings while incorporating sustainability into every design.

A fully licensed staff gives DevCol a competitive edge; because of the team’s broad knowledge and wide areas of expertise, the company can independently bring projects to life from start to finish. From purchasing land and obtaining permitting to design and construction, DevCol transforms a concept into a tangible project that merges the client’s artistic vision with practicality.

DevCol’s impressive milestones also include working for many renowned companies such as luxurious global hotels, popular food chains, and several plazas. On account of the firm’s ability to tackle each construction task, DevCol was able to handle permissions and jurisdictions, enabling clients to surpass legal hassles.

Going that extra mile, since its establishment, DevCol has been purchasing city land, mainly in the Dallas area, to assist the city with development projects, utilizing unused land, and providing a place where the community can boost the economy. Furthermore, DevCol assists mortgage programs that alleviate the tax burden of first-time buyers or struggling consumers.

Dedicating itself to causes that ignite real change for Americans, DevCol purchases unused land to tackle the nationwide homelessness problem. Some land that DevCol utilizes has been deemed unusable for construction due to past floods, fires, and other events. By obtaining the necessary permits, the company can build more affordable housing on neglected land.

To fuel its vision of a more equitable and attainable housing future, DevCol is currently developing a proprietary mobile app. The app would work similarly to food delivery services and focus on construction and real estate, aiming to streamline the process of acquiring materials for projects. Instead of project managers having to leave the construction site to pick up materials, the app will be able to deliver them at the scheduled time. For average consumers, the app will assemble DIY projects and provide materials at wholesale prices.

Though the primary areas of focus are Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, DevCol is happy to provide its services across the States. Currently, the company is in the process of expanding into Rwanda, where it will help boost the country’s economy and create new opportunities.

Looking into the future, DevCol aims to continue over-delivering construction services and providing accessible and sustainable housing opportunities. Troy L. Rich Jr., CEO, adds, “Trying to stay ahead of the trends and foreseeing the future are the only ways to create a relevant framework that sustains the business and the environment long-term. At DevCol, that has been our objective for over 10 years, and that will always remain the goal.”