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UPDATED: GovDocs Adds Voting, Jury Duty, and Bereavement Requirements to Paid Leave Product


As a leader in employment law compliance, GovDocs is excited to announce a set of enhancements to their paid leave software solution that simplifies the process for multi-jurisdiction employers.

Eagan, MN, May 14, 2024 – As a leader in employment law compliance, GovDocs is excited to announce significant enhancements to its paid leave software solution. These upgrades aim to simplify the tracking, monitoring, and education of paid leave laws for multi-jurisdiction employers.

With paid leave laws increasing in numbers and complexity, having access to accurate information and an efficient solution is paramount for maintaining compliance. GovDocs Paid Leave is a cloud-based software that helps employers track and apply paid leave laws specific to each employer’s locations.

“We’re excited to see the first of many enhancements coming to our paid leave software this year,” says GovDocs Founder and CEO, Zach Stabenow, “The addition of voting, jury duty, and bereavement requirements further helps our paid leave customers make sense of the ever increasing complexity of leave laws.”

GovDocs Paid Leave now includes state-specific requirements for the following:

Voting-Leave Requirements: With election season approaching, navigating voting leave policies is crucial. GovDocs Paid Leave provides comprehensive resources to aid employers in complying with voting leave laws across all states. This empowers organizations to support civic engagement while ensuring operational efficiency, with detailed information on:

  • Leave Required
  • Covered Employee
  • Covered Elections
  • Required Notice
  • Limits on Voting Leave
  • Posting Requirements

Jury Duty-Leave Requirements: Jury duty is both a legal obligation and a civic duty, yet the federal law does not mandate time off. Many states have passed their own laws, and GovDocs Paid Leave assists employers in understanding requirements such as:

  • Paid or Unpaid
  • Employee Protections
  • Who is an Eligible Employee
  • Leave Requirements

Bereavement-Leave Requirements: At a time of loss, employees need support from their place of work. GovDocs Paid Leave offers resources to navigate the complexities that come into play during the grieving process in the absence of federal regulation. Many states are adopting their own bereavement laws, creating questions related to:

  • Paid or unpaid bereavement
  • Eligible reasons for leave
  • Covered family members
  • Notice Requirements

GovDocs Paid Leave provides employers with access to complex data through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. Along with rooftop accuracy technology that pinpoints exact jurisdictional locations, users can quickly locate paid leave information using an interactive map that highlights applicable laws and the number of locations covered in each state. Additionally, paid leave summaries offer a comprehensive overview of laws by type, facilitating quick comparisons. Employers can research paid leave specifics at the individual location level, including current laws and notifications of future updates.

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