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Celebrating Three Years of $HODL: Pioneering a New Era of Income Generation on the Binance Smart Chain


San Francisco, California, May 14, 2024- $HODL, the novel income-generating token launched on May 12, 2021, marks a significant milestone as it celebrates its third anniversary. From its inception, $HODL has redefined income generation in the cryptocurrency space, offering investors a unique opportunity to earn rewards and reflections simply by holding onto their tokens.

“We’re thrilled to celebrate this milestone,” says the HODL CEO, “reflecting our relentless pursuit of innovation and vision. With three years of progress, we’re eager for what lies ahead. This anniversary symbolizes our journey and our dedication to reshaping the future of decentralized finance on the Binance Smart Chain. As we mark this occasion, we renew our commitment to driving innovation and prosperity in the crypto space, offering an alternative to traditional savings accounts and pioneering new paths in the crypto landscape.”

To commemorate this occasion, $HODL is unveiling a series of exclusive community promotions and introducing additional play-to-earn games.

$HODL stands as a pioneering force on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) in decentralized finance (DeFi), offering investors a novel approach to earning rewards. With its primary token, $HODL, the project has distributed over 20,200 BNB (valued at approximately $12,014,900 at the current price of $595 per BNB) in rewards since its inception. The ecosystem encompasses $HODL and $HODLX project tokens, yield farming, staking, NFTs such as HODL Hands and Gem Fighter (both ranging with utility), all set within a deflationary supply.

The $HODL app is now live on Android, with iOS compatibility coming soon. Investors claim their rewards, which are complemented by bonuses when reinvesting. Liquidity is locked for over 250 years, underscoring $HODL’s commitment to being a perpetual project. The HODL App is a user-friendly mobile application that provides access to the HODL ecosystem. It simplifies the process of earning passive income with $HODL tokens, offers an easy way to buy, sell, and swap tokens, and provides essential tools for wallet management, including BNB reward claim reminders.

$HODL’s earning model is driven by a transaction tax, where each buy, sell, and transfer incurs a 5% tax. This tax is split, with 4% allocated to a reward pool for investors and 1% distributed as reflections of $HODL to investors. Additionally, revenue streams are generated from play-to-earn gaming, NFT sales, and fees from swaps and staking on the DeFi Hub. Some examples are to Hold HODL Hands® NFTs for gaming energy, enter high-stakes minigames, and earn $HODL, $HODLX, and NFTs. Fuel your game, fire up your earnings.

$HODL’s ethos is rooted in its namesake, the most used word in crypto and a renowned investment strategy known as “hold on for dear life” (HODL), signifying the resilience and conviction of long-term investors.

This success is underscored by $HODL achieving an all-time high of $230 million Market Cap, a testament to its growing community and value proposition.

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