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Simummuang Market: Asia’s Fresh Food Wholesale Destination


BANGKOK, THAILAND 13 May 2024 – Simummuang Market has been a cornerstone of Thailand’s food supply chain for over forty years and celebrated as Asia’s top destination for fresh produce. Awarded “Best Fresh Food Wholesale Market Brand for 2024”, Simummuang Market serves as a central hub connecting farmers and merchants with an extensive network of buyers such as fresh markets, restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, online platforms and direct consumers nationwide. More than a marketplace, Simummuang Market is a dynamic ecosystem where culture, commerce, and community converge, fostering rich business connections and drawing both locals and international visitors.

Spanning an impressive 550,000 sqm, Simummuang Market is responsible for supplying approximately 70% of the fresh produce for Bangkok and the central Thailand region. Over 8,000 tons of fresh produce passes through the market daily, generating significant economic activity with a daily trade volume exceeding 300 million baht.

Home to over 4,500 vendors and a circulating population exceeding 70,000 people, Simummuang offers a spectacular diversity of more than 2,000 types of produce, sourced both locally and internationally. Each vendor at the market contributes to a vibrant tapestry of tradition and freshness, making Simummuang not only a hub for commerce but also a cultural landmark. Whether you are a business seeking reliable supply chains, an exporter looking to global markets, a food enthusiast eager for authentic flavors, or a traveler curious about local traditions, Simummuang provides an unmatched shopping experience.

The market encompasses 23 distinct buildings, each dedicated to different categories such as vegetables, fruits, meats, food ingredients, flowers, and dried goods. Noteworthy is its status as the largest vegetable market in ASEAN, featuring the world-renowned Vegetable Truck Market — the largest of its kind globally. This facility has earned international attention, with entrepreneurs from numerous countries seeking to study its system as a model. The interconnected fruit buildings offer a seamless shopping experience, showcasing the largest Mango Market, durians, pineapples, and more, each zone reflecting the richness of Thailand’s agricultural heritage. The market also includes a vast seafood section, newly expanded flower market and cold storage buildings.

Embracing digital transformation, Simummuang Market operates ‘Simummuang Online,’ Thailand’s largest online marketplace for fresh produce. This platform makes it easy for buyers to access fresh produce at wholesale prices and connects farmers and wholesalers directly with a broader customer base. Additionally, the ‘Simummuang Sourcing’ service provides tailored product procurement to support a wide range of food businesses, ensuring that the freshness and quality of Simummuang can be experienced nationwide.Simummuang Market’s commitment to sustainable practices is evident in its operations, which include advanced water treatment, recycling and solar power initiatives. These efforts have not only reduced the market’s environmental footprint but have also earned it the first prize in the Resource Efficiency category at the Thailand Green Design Awards 2021. The market’s social initiatives include operating a school, further demonstrating its dedication to enriching its community.

Strategically situated just ten minutes from Don Mueang International Airport and along one of Thailand’s major thoroughfares, Simummuang Market is perfectly positioned as a gateway for distributing products across the region and as a magnet for business opportunities. Open 24 hours a day, the market invites everyone to explore the vivid flavors and colors of Thailand in their freshest forms, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking the essence of Thailand’s vibrant market culture.


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