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Promo Print Plus Empowers Businesses with Innovative New Hire Welcome Kits: A Case Study


Promo Print Plus is proud to announce the release of a comprehensive case study highlighting a success story of their New Hire Welcome Kits service.

Worcester, MA, May 12, 2024 – Promo Print Plus, a leading provider of promotional products and branded merchandise solutions, is proud to announce the release of a comprehensive case study highlighting a success story of their New Hire Welcome Kits service. The case study underscores the invaluable role Promo Print Plus plays in assisting operations managers, human resources managers, and marketing managers in enhancing their onboarding processes.

Promo Print Plus is a leading promotional products company based in Worcester, Massachusetts, specializing in customized merchandise solutions with concierge level service
Promo Print Plus

In an increasingly competitive business landscape, companies recognize the importance of effective onboarding in fostering employee engagement, productivity, and retention. With this understanding, Promo Print Plus has developed custom solutions with concierge level service designed to streamline the onboarding experience through branded welcome kits. Promo Print Plus simplifies promotional product procurement, inventory, fulfillment, and shipping.

The case study highlights how working with Promo Print Plus has helped an operations manager acquire high quality merchandise or “swag,” to create a sense of unity and project excellence and quality to prospects, clients and employees. It showcases how Promo Print Plus collaborates closely with businesses across various industries, offering customizable welcome kits that reflect each client’s unique brand identity and company culture. From custom printed materials and branded apparel to tech gadgets and office essentials, these kits are curated to leave a lasting impression on new hires while aligning with the organization’s branding objectives.

“We are excited to share the success stories captured in our latest case study,” said Gina Ahtof, CEO of Promo Print Plus. “Our New Hire Welcome Kits are more than just packages – they represent the first touchpoint for new employees and set the tone for their journey within the organization. Through thoughtful curation and attention to detail, we aim to empower businesses to create memorable onboarding experiences that resonate with their team members. We save our clients time and the headache of managing from start to finish while maximizing their budget. Working with PPP makes our clients impress their bosses when they ask for outrageous deadlines and we are able to meet them!

Key highlights from the case study include testimonials from operations managers, human resources managers, and marketing managers who have leveraged Promo Print Plus’ expertise to enhance their onboarding strategies. By integrating personalized welcome kits into their onboarding processes, these businesses have reported higher levels of employee satisfaction, accelerated integration, and strengthened brand affinity among new hires.

To learn more about Promo Print Plus’ New Hire Welcome Kits service, please visit:

New Hire Welcome Kits | Promo Print Plus

The complete case study is available for download at:


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