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Digital Journal sets sights on becoming Canada’s premier thought leadership platform with launch of Insight Forum


Media leader Digital Journal launches new thought leadership subscription platform for Canadian thought leaders

TORONTO, May 13, 2024 – One of Canada’s largest independent media companies, Digital Journal, today announced the launch of a new national thought leadership platform for Canadians.

The Insight Forum (IF) is designed to empower Canadian innovators and thought leaders, offering a unique opportunity for professionals to share their expertise and insights.

Thought leadership provides a platform for individuals or organizations to establish credibility, influence industry trends, and drive innovation through insightful perspectives and expertise. In the B2B space, thought leadership is crucial for building trust, showcasing industry knowledge, and guiding potential clients through complex purchasing decisions.

Thought leadership has become a critical part of how organizations approach storytelling, advocacy, talent attraction, and influence customers.

A recent study by LinkedIn and Edelman shows that 90% of decision-makers and the c-suite say they are moderately or very likely to be more receptive to sales or marketing outreach from a company that consistently produces high-quality thought leadership. In addition, more than half of decision-makers (52%) and more than half of c-suite executives (54%) spend an hour or more on average per week reading thought-leadership content.

Digital Journal’s Insight Forum (IF) is a subscription-based platform that provides thought leaders with a dedicated space to publish monthly features on topics ranging from technology and business, to investing, energy transition, talent management and more. Reaching more than 1.5 million readers per month, Digital Journal offers amplification and exposure for thought leaders looking to engage with decision-makers across various industries.

“We’re launching the Insight Forum in Canada to fill a gap with B2B thought leadership,” says Digital Journal CEO, Chris Hogg. “We’ve talked to consultants, agency leaders, technologists, investors, entrepreneurs, economic development leaders, and more across Canada about how they share their thought leadership. One thing we’ve heard consistently is that leaders are missing a place to get their voice out to large audiences who want to understand how things are changing across industries. We aim to fill that void with IF, and we’re excited to welcome leaders from across the country to take part.”

At launch, IF welcomes 18 thought leaders from across Canada, each offering expertise and unique perspectives from different industries. These thought leaders are joining IF to expand their reach, engage with the Canadian innovation ecosystem, and leverage Digital Journal’s extensive platform.

At launch, members include:

  1. Daniel Hengeveld, Vice President, Investment Attraction, Toronto Global
  2. Marcus Daniels, Founding Partner & CEO, HIGHLINE Beta
  3. Tamara Woolgar, Executive Director, The A100
  4. Tyler Chisholm, CEO, clearmotive marketing group
  5. Dr. Lauren Dwyer, Professor, Mount Royal
  6. Sabrina Sullivan, Founder, by + by foresight
  7. Charles Buchanan, Founder and CEO, Technology Helps
  8. Sheri Moore, Partner and Creative Director, Moore Carlyle Consulting & MCC Destination Management
  9. Claire Poole, CEO, CLAIRIFY Communications
  10. Marissa McNeelands, Founder & CEO, TOAST
  11. Colleen Pound, CEO, Proxure
  12. Tracey Bodnarchuk, CEO, Canada Powered by Women
  13. April Hicke, Co-Founder & Chief Growth Officer, TOAST
  14. Emily Ptak, Founder + Principal, Ptak & Co
  15. Sarah Coleman, Editor-in-Chief of ACCELERATE
  16. Scott King, Digital Strategist
  17. Susan Elliot, Marketing Strategist
  18. Prieeyya Kaur Kesh, Founder, Our Wave

“I’ve worked with Digital Journal for years, and the platform is a game-changer for awareness and reach,” said Claire Poole, CEO of CLAIRIFY Communications. “I’ve worked with clients in agriculture, energy, and construction who have leveraged Digital Journal, and I’ve had so many doors open as a result. I’d absolutely recommend joining the Insight Forum.”

With a diverse lineup of thought leaders and a commitment to promoting thought leadership in Canada, Digital Journal’s Insight Forum promises to be a dynamic platform for sharing ideas, sparking conversations, and driving positive change.

For more information about the Insight Forum and how to become a member, visit


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