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Nano-Care Deutschland AG launches next generation of sustainable PFAS-free oleophobic coatings

REHLINGEN-SIERSBURG, GERMANY 26 April 2024 – Nano-Care Deutschland AG, leader in the development of innovative surface finishes, is excited to announce the launch of its latest product range. Taking “next generation products” as its theme, the company is introducing a range of revolutionary solutions that not only offer maximum performance, but also place a strong emphasis on sustainability and environmental compatibility.

Nano-Care Deutschland AG launches next generation of sustainable PFAS-free oleophobic coatings
Nano-Care Deutschland AG launches next generation of sustainable PFAS-free oleophobic coatings

This new range includes the stand-out product Nano-Care® C0-L, a PFAS-free (per- or polyfluoroalkyl substances) formulation specially developed for natural leather surfaces, featuring oil and dirt repellent properties.

Nano-Care® C0-L sets a new standard in leather care in that it not only delivers exceptional results but is also completely PFASfree. This means that consumers can now look after their favourite leather items using a predominantly natural product.

A further notable product development has been specially formulated for sanitary ceramics. This innovative formulation utilises a water-based solvent that’s highly effective yet is non-flammable. As well as its outstanding dirt repelling properties, Nano-Care® VP H2O also minimises risks and safety concerns related to coating sanitary surfaces.

Nano-Care Deutschland AG has also developed a product specifically for use on membranes and filters. The use of C6 technology was consciously set aside – a decision which emphasises the company’s commitment to sustainable innovation. Utilising advanced and environmentally friendly technologies, Nano-Care® KS 24 offers a sophisticated solution for the effectiveness of membrane and filter surfaces and is also future-ready in terms of new environmental regulations.

Removing graffiti can be extremely difficult and often involves the use of environmentally harmful cleaning agents. Nano-Care Deutschland AG’s PFAS-free Nanoflex® Barrier is raising the bar in the anti-graffiti coatings market. Nanoflex® Barrier is a permanent anti-graffiti product designed for absorbent mineral surfaces, coated metals and wood. It offers excellent anti-adhesive properties, ensuring that most permanent markers and aerosol-based paints can be easily washed off with water.

“We’re extremely proud to unveil these innovative products that not only meet and exceed our customers’ requirements, but also have a positive impact on sustainability,” says Lisa Sonntag, Authorised Representative at Nano-Care Deutschland AG. “These products are the result of intensive research and development as well as our strong commitment to environmental protection and innovation. We’re confident that they will significantly impact the market and help shape a more sustainable future.”

The “next generation” products from Nano-Care Deutschland AG are manufactured using a special nano-Care® process and mark a significant step towards effective, sustainable, and environmentally friendly surface finishes. All the products mentioned are immediately available.

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