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New Dynamics in Cryptocurrency Security: ZUHYX Builds the Strongest Fund Protection System

NEW YORK, USA 24 April 2024 – Recently, ZUHYX Exchange announced the implementation of a series of new security strategies and technologies to address growing security challenges and strengthen fund security, focusing on enhancing fund security and user asset protection. These measures include upgrading DDoS attack defenses, upgrading Web Application Firewall (WAF), encrypting website data transmission, and strengthening DNS servers. After the implementation of these new asset protection measures, the overall network security of ZUHYX platform has been greatly enhanced, providing users with a safer and more reliable trading environment.The ZUHYX operations team stated that ZUHYX has been committed to providing users with a fair, transparent, and secure asset management environment, maintaining a record of zero security incidents over more than two years of operations.

On the technical front, ZUHYX has improved its DDoS attack defense mechanism, achieving self-evolution through a four-step strategy of detection, response, mitigation, and recording. Additionally, the platform upgraded its Web Application Firewall (WAF) to counter illegal intrusions, data tampering, and security vulnerabilities, automatically activating the firewall upon threat detection. Moreover, all website data is transmitted via encrypted TLS connections, while enhancing the performance and resilience of DNS servers and implementing DNS security measures to prevent hijacking or deception of client communications.

The ZUHYX operations team stated that segregating user assets from operational assets and using proprietary funds for robust operations are the foundation of the long-term development of the platform, ensuring that user funds are protected from any form of technical threat at all stages. Therefore, in terms of management, ZUHYX has updated its internal management schemes to safeguard fund security. The ZUHYX team operates in a multi-location, multi-currency asymmetric distributed model to ensure the independence of key management technology development, management, and authorization processes. This decentralized management strategy significantly reduces internal risks and fund security threats. Furthermore, ZUHYX has implemented strict isolation of code and permission rules across departments, further mitigating internal conflicts and fund risks.

For the security of fund storage, ZUHYX has updated strict wallet management policies. The hot wallet system employs advanced technologies such as multi-signature, threshold signatures, and big data risk control to ensure the security of private keys. User deposit and withdrawal operations require risk management authentication before execution. For cold wallets, ZUHYX follows principles such as off-site backup, bank custody, multiple storage media, and complete offline storage to ensure the highest level of asset security. Additionally, ZUHYX has implemented a series of emergency response measures and security audits, forming a comprehensive risk control and incident response mechanism. ZUHYX also verifies user intent through SMS or email as an additional security measure against hacker attacks.

The multi-layered, comprehensive measures of ZUHYX Exchange in fund security demonstrate its responsibility and technical strength as an industry leader. Through these innovative security strategies, ZUHYX provides users with a secure and reliable cryptocurrency trading environment, further solidifying its position as a globally trusted cryptocurrency trading platform.