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Italian Trade Agency unveils The Italian Taste Lab at FHA-F&B


Italy: the largest European representation at FHA-F&B 2024 with 58 Italian exhibitors

SINGAPORE 23 April 2024 – At the opening of FHA-Food & Beverage 2024, Southeast Asia’s largest trade show for F&B professionals, the Italian Trade Agency Singapore is proud to unveil the Italian Taste Lab at its official pavilion, during the Italian press conference.

The Italian Taste Lab at FHA-Food & Beverage 2024
The Italian Taste Lab at FHA-Food & Beverage 2024

Featuring addresses by Dante Brandi, Ambassador of Italy to Singapore and Brunei, and Giorgio Calveri, Italian Trade Commissioner for Singapore and the Philippines, “Navigating the Future of Food” took place on the 23rd of April at 11:30 AM. The press conference seeks to highlight more Italian trade names and businesses in observance of the steady rise in demand and popularity of Italian food in Singapore and worldwide.

Dante Brandi, Ambassador of Italy to Singapore and Brunei, says, “As one of the main exhibiting countries with 58 companies showcasing their products, the Italian presence at FHA is also enriched by masterclasses and live culinary demonstrations aimed at celebrating the best products coming out of Italy. A richness in variety and in quality, which is the reason why Italian cuisine has been nominated for inclusion on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list. The numbers we have seen from our industry partners justifies our position as a gastronomy powerhouse, not only as a cuisine but as an industry attentive to issues like sustainability, health, and circularity.

We have been warmly welcomed by both Singaporeans and the government, with the government having just approved training by At-Sunrice GlobalChef Academy on Italian private dining in collaboration with the Italian Embassy. With their continued support we can look forward to expanding the Italian culinary and gastronomic footprint not only in Singapore but in the Asiatic region as well”.

As of January 2024, Italian food exports to Singapore have shown steady growth, driven by increasing demand for authentic Italian products in the local market. On its end, Italy has been exporting a wide range of food products to Singapore consistently, including pasta, olive oil, wine, cheese, cured meats, and specialty sauces. The demand is driven by the high-quality perception of Italian food products, recognised for their authenticity, craftsmanship, and gastronomic excellence. Further spurring growth is Singapore’s growing interest in specialty and niche Italian food products, marked by the evolving tastes and preferences of Singaporean consumers for products that are organic, artisanal, and region-specific.

Giorgio Calveri, Italian Trade Commissioner for Singapore and the Philippines, says, “There is an undeniable growing appetite for Italian cuisine among Singaporean consumers driven by the premiumisation trend that sees a steady demand for niche and premium Italian products. Singaporeans, as discerning foodies, also appreciate authenticity in goods and produce from restaurants and stores, driving demand for items with clear provenance. We are proud to be able to offer more to this conversation and growth. With our participation at FHA, we hope to be able to share more of our food culture that we are incredibly proud of with trade professionals and consumers here in Singapore.”

What to Expect at the Italian Trade Agency Pavilion

Conducted in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Italian Trade Agency Pavilion will serve as a platform for promoting Italian cuisine and food products at FHA-Food & Beverage 2024.

Showcasing their respective products at FHA-F&B 2024 alongside the Italian Trade Agency Pavilion will be 58 Italian exhibitors, the largest European representation at FHA-F&B 2024. The best of all things Made in Italy will be on show among the traders, ranging from pasta, cold cuts, cheese, olive oil, truffles, wines, and more.

Also making their appearance at FHA-F&B 2024, is Italian tradeshow organizer, Fiere di Parma, with a dedicated counter to promote the renowned Italian trade fairs CIBUS and Tuttofood Milano held respectively in Parma and Milan.

Beyond fine products, produce, and ingredients, miss not the Italian Taste Lab, an incubator platform that showcases Italian recipes and the best ways to maximise the flavours of Italian food. The Lab features 21 live cooking demonstrations hosted by a powerful line-up of 11 famed Italian chefs residing in Singapore, including 2 MICHELIN-starred chefs. The demonstrations will be inaugurated by Tiziana Stefanelli, winner of MasterChef Italy 2nd edition. Three masterclasses on homemade pasta, gelato, and pizza will also occur at the Italian Taste Lab.

Ingredients of the highest quality from the Italian regions will be featured during the live cooking demonstrations, with products provided by 9 Italian companies who will also be exhibiting their products at FHA-F&B 2024.

I am absolutely thrilled to participate in this captivating occasion, celebrating the pinnacle of Italian cuisine. It’s a joy to connect with the remarkable chefs showcasing their talents in the cooking demonstrations. My aim is to convey to the audience and potential partners my deep passion for Italian cuisine and its rich culinary heritage,” states Chef Tiziana Stefannelli, the winner of MasterChef Italy 2nd edition.

Also on the itinerary is a 30-minute seminar on the “Circular Economy in the Coffee Sector: Minimizing Environmental Impact and Reducing Waste – The Italian Case” that will dissect and discuss the many exciting and surfacing Italian food trends in the industry. This seminar is organized by the Embassy of Italy in Singapore featuring 2 speakers, Luca Ferraris, Managing Director of SACMI Singapore Pte Ltd, and Gianluca Anguzza, Founder & CEO of New Value Group, and will take place on the 25th of April at 11:00 AM in the Sustainable Food Future Seminar Theatre at Hall 7.

For the press kit, refer to:

Annex A: The Italian Taste LAB’s cooking sessions

Day Time Chef Restaurant Dish / Activity Italian Exhibitor
23 April 10:00 – 11:00am Tiziana StefanelliIG @tizianastefanelli Welcome Drink
12:00 – 12:45pm Tiziana StefanelliIG @tizianastefanelli Risotto alla Milanese with Grana Padano Caseificio Ghidetti S.r.l
1:00 – 1:45 pm Mirko FebbrileIG @iammirkofebbrile

FB @mirko.febbrile

FICO MASSERIAIG @ficomasseria

FB @ficomasseria

Olive Leaf Pasta with Clams andCannellini Beans Oleificio Agnellaro di Terrasi Rosa
2:00 – 2:45 pm Stefano SannaIG @sannaste87 ALLORAIG @cpchangiairport

FB @cpchangi

Ravioli filled with Codfish mantecato and mascarpone, buttery lemon bisque, parsley, dill
3:00 – 3:45 pm Stefano SannaIG @sannaste87 ALLORAIG @cpchangiairport

FB @cpchangi

AlloraMisú, with Coffee, Lady Finger Biscuits,mascarpone foam, cocoa powder,

chocolate chips

4:00 – 5:00 pm Daniele Sperindio IG @chefdanielesperindio

FB @daniele.sperindio

ART by Daniele Sperindio(1 Michelin Star &

3 Forks Gambero Rosso)

IG @artdidaniele

FB @artdidaniele

Grigliata Estiva“BBQ Watermelon, Oregano Caviar,

Octo-tomato, Green Almond

24 April 10:30 – 11:15 am Tiziana StefanelliIG @tizianastefanelli Pesto pasta De Matteis Agroalimentare S.p.a
11:30 am –12:15 pm Simone FraternaliIG

FB @simone.fraternali1

SOLOIG @soloristorante

FB @SoloRistoranteSG

Wild garlic risotto with balsamicpork collar, raisin and spiced almonds
12:30 – 1:15 pm Tiziana StefanelliIG @tizianastefanelli Aglio&Olio spinach linguine with black olives Olea Experience S.r.l
1:30 – 2:15 pm Antonio CorsaroIG @antonio_corsaro

FB @antcorsaro

FIAMMAIG @fiamma.singapore

FB @fiamma.singapore

Gamberoni di mazzara del valloasparagi, Burrata, Kumquat
2:30 – 3:15 pm Matteo PontiIG @chefmatteo_p BRACI(1 Michelin Star)



Canederli in camiciaStuffed morel mushrooms,

buckwheat tea, pickled myoga

3:30 – 4:15 pm Tiziana StefanelliIG @tizianastefanelli Risotto with Grana Padano cheese, balsamic vinegar and Hazelnuts Consorzio Tutela Grana Padano
4:30 – 5:15 pm Tiziana StefanelliIG @tizianastefanelli Norma Pasta with fried eggplants, tomato sauce and cheese De Matteis Agroalimentare S.p.a
25 April 10:15 – 11:15 am Giovanni Minarelli——- LIMONCELLOIG @limoncello_pizza_grill

FB @limoncellopizzagrill

Portobello mushrooms with Grana Padano Sauce
11:30 am – 12:15 pm Jaja——- DUOMOIG @duomoristorantesg

FB Duomo Ristorante

Pappardelle Angus beef check sauce with Sangiovese & Rosemary
12:30 – 1.15 pm Antonio Miscellaneo——- LA BOTTEGAIG @labottegasg

IG @casavostrasg

Masterclass Homemade Pasta: Gramigna with Salsiccia Sauce and Trofie with Pesto Sauce
1:30 – 2:15 pm Antonio Miscellaneo——- LA BOTTEGAIG @labottegasg

IG @casavostrasg

Masterclass Gelato: Fiordilatte Gelato- Strawberry Sorbet
2:30 – 3:15 pm Antonio Miscellaneo——- LA BOTTEGAIG @labottegasg

IG @casavostrasg

Masterclass Pizza: Pizza Margherita Pala Romana with Mortadella and Pistachios
3:30 – 4:15 pm Tiziana StefanelliIG @tizianastefanelli Tiramisú limoncello and strawberry Vicenzi S.p.a
4:30 – 5:15 pm Tiziana StefanelliIG @tizianastefanelli Caponata
26 April 10:30 – 11:15 am Tiziana StefanelliIG @tizianastefanelli Soy “Straccetti” orange and coffee with potatoes cream and rosemary extra virgin olive oil
  • Joy Food S.r.l
  • Alimentari Italiana S.p.a
11:30 am – 12:15 pm Vincenzo LavecchiaIG @enzopizzachef ALLORAIG @cpchangiairport

FB @cpchangi

Pizza with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes confit, purple potatoes, gorgonzola, roasted pumpkin, parsley pesto, sage chips
12:30 – 13:15 pm Tiziana StefanelliIG @tizianastefanelli Linguine with cherry tomatoes,Shrimps Colatura,

aromatic bread crumbs

  • Lalaina S.r.l
  • Oleificio Agnellaro di Terrasi Rosa
13:30 – 14:15 pm Tiziana StefanelliIG @tizianastefanelli Sfogliatine with ricotta cheese, honey truffle oil and maldon salt
  • Vicenzi S.p.a
  • Caseificio Ghidetti S.r.l
  • Alimentari Italiana S.p.a
14:30 – 15:15 pm Tiziana StefanelliIG @tizianastefanelli Coffee Granita with whipped cream

Annex B: The Italian Taste LAB’s Featured Products

Product(s) Company Name Website & Social Media
  • Grana Padano DOP “Sole e Luna” 24 months
  • Ricotta Cheese
Caseificio Ghidetti S.r.l Website: @caseificioghidetti1937

Instagram: @caseificio_ghidetti1937

  • Vicenzovo Lady Fingers
  • Classic Millefoglie and Iced Millefoglie
Vicenzi S.p.a Website: @matildevicenzi_global

LinkedIn: @Vicenzi S.p.A

  • Rosemary Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Truffle Flavoured Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Alimentari Italiana Website: @fratellimantova

Instagram: @fratellimantova1905

LinkedIn: @fratellimantova

  • Lo Spaghetto
  • La Pennetta
De Matteis Agroalimentare S.p.a Website: @pastarmando

LinkedIn: @De Matteis Agroalimentare S.p.A.

  • Soya Straccetti
Joy S.r.l Website: @Food Evolution


LinkedIn: @Food Evolution

  • Colatura Gambero
Lalaina S.r.l Website: @Colatura di Gambero Rosso di Mazara del Vallo

Instagram: @colaturadigamberorosso

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Olea Experience S.r.l Website: @oleumsicilia

LinkedIn: @Oleum Sicilia Società Cooperativa

  • Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Linea Convenzionale
Oleificio Agnellaro di Terrasi Rosa Website: @Olio Principe

Instagram: @olioprincipe

LinkedIn: @Olio Principe

  • Grana Padano PDO cheese
Consorzio Tutela Grana Padano Website: @granapadanopdo
LinkedIn: @Consorzio Tutela Grana Padano

Annex C: Italian Exhibitors at FHA 2024

No Company Name Stand n° Website Products
1 Acetaia Borgo Castello S.r.l 5L2-05 Balsamic Vinegar
2 Acetaia Leonardi S.r.l 5L3-05 Balsamic Vinegar
3 Acqua Sant’Anna S.p.a 5K2-08 Water
4 Agricola Fisicaro Sebastiana 5K1-01 Olive Oil
5 Amsmil 5K3-07 Energy Drink
6 Arteolio Soc Agr S.r.l 5K2-03 Olive Oil
7 Blanco S.r.l 5K1-01 Dolci, cannoli, pastries
8 Bontasia Pte Ltd 5L3-01 Bakery products
9 Campo D’Oro S.r.l 5K1-01 Sauces
10 Caraci S.r.l 5K1-01 cannoli and sicilian specialties
11 Caseificio Albiero S.r.l 5K3-11 Cheese
12 Caseificio Ghidetti S.r.l 5L2-01 Cheese
13 Compagnia Alimentare Italiana S.p.a 5K2-11 Olive Oil, Other Oils, fragrant Oil Sprays
14 Consorzio Latterie Virgilio 5K2-10 Cheese
15 Consorzio Tutela Grana Padano 5K3-08 Cheese
16 De Matteis Agroalimentare S.p.a 5K2-04 Pasta
17 Di Marco Corrado S.r.l 5L3-01 Flour
18 Distretto Produttivo Dolce Sicilia Soc. Coop. 5K1-01 Sweet & Pastry sector
19 Ditta Drago Sebastiano 5K1-01 Conserves (Jams, Preserves)
20 Dolceria Alba S.p.a 5K2-12 Pastry
21 Dts Dolciaria 5K1-01 Cannoli (pastry shells)
22 Fres S.r.l Radici Rosse 5K1-01 Organic
23 Giuliano Tartufi S.p.a 5L2-08 Truffles and truffle products
24 I Veri Sapori Dell’ Etna S.r.l 5K1-01 Various sicilian food products
25 Idb S.r.l (Industria Dolciaria Borsari) 5L2-04 Dairy
26 Il Buon Gusto Siciliano 5K1-01 Various sicilian food products
27 Joy S.r.l 5L3-14 Soy Meat
28 La Rustichella Worldwide S.r.l 5K3-01 Truffles and truffle products
29 La San Fermese S.p.a 5L3-14 Cereals, Legumes, Soy
30 Lalaina S.r.l 5K1-01 Colatura di gambero (prawn sauce)
31 Lameri S.p.a 5L2-07 Cereals
32 Le Dolcezze Della Valle Dei Templi 5K1-01 Pastry
33 Madama Oliva S.r.l 5L2-05 Olives
34 Maristella S.r.l 5K3-12 Pastry
35 Mazza Alimentari S.r.l 5L2-13 Various Food products
36 Neronobile S.r.l 5L3-04 Coffee
37 Nova Frutta S.r.l 5K2-05 Fruits and vegetables
38 Oleificio Agnellaro Di Terrasi Rosa 5K1-01 Olive Oil
39 Oleum 5K1-01 Olive Oil
40 Organa D.O.O. 5L3-14 Organic Food products
41 Organizzazione Vitttorio Caselli S.p.a 5L3-10 Fair Agent
42 Paska’ S.r.l – Caffè Intenso 5L2-14 Food and beverage consultancy
43 Pasticceria Filippi S.r.l 5L2-11 Pastry
44 Pastificio Gallo 5K1-01 Pasta
45 Rete Di Imprese Taste Of Sicily 5K1-01 Network for Sicilian companies
46 Rinaldi Superforni S.r.l 5L3-01 Ovens and bakery equipment
47 Saquella 1856 S.r.l 5K3-04 Coffee
48 Secondo Vergani S.p.a 5L2-07 Pralines
49 Sterilgarda Alimenti S.p.a 5K3-14 Dairy
50 Steriltom S.r.l 5K2-01 Tomato sauce
51 Stramondo S.r.l 5K1-01 Gelato and Pastry
52 Tartufi Jimmy 5K2-14 Truffles and truffle products
53 Terra Siciliae S.r.l 5K1-01 Cannoli
54 Urbani Tartufi S.r.l 5L3-12 Truffles and truffle products
55 Vicenzi Biscotti S.p.a 5K2-07 Busicuits and confectionery
56 Virgilio Limited 5L3-07 Consulting Firm
57 Wadi El Nile Italia S.r.l 5L3-11 Olives, Artichokes, Cucumber, Pepper
58 Witor’S S.p.a 5K3-03 Pralines
Regione Siciliana – Assessorato Regionale Dell’Agricoltura, Dello Sviluppo Rurale E Della Pesca 5K1-01