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Fortune Prime Global (FPG) has been honoured with the 2023 T.O.P 1 Forex Broker Award and the 2024 T.O.P 1 Trading Liquidity Award

BEIJING, CHINA 15 April 2024 – The world of trading is complex and ever-changing, and timing is tricky for every trader. With transparent information and stringent investment trading regulation, the advantages of third-party platforms have become increasingly more and more important. FPG has won the favor of thousands of domestic and international investors through years of accumulation, leveraging the reliability, security, and stability of its platform.

Sydney WIKIFX Expo: 2023 Global T.O.P 1 FX Broker
Sydney WIKIFX Expo: 2023 Global T.O.P 1 FX Broker

Founded in 2011 with a license, FPG has over ten years of deep involvement in the financial market trading industry and has experienced rapid business growth and numerous accolades. FPG has offices worldwide including in Australia, Cyprus, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Europe, to meet the needs of global customers. FPG’s high-quality service and extremely secure trading environment have received widespread acclaim from customers and the industry, such as recently winning the 2023 Global T.O.P 1 FX Broker from WIKIFX and the 2024 T.O.P 1 Trading Liquidity Award from BrokersView.

FPG relies on advanced global trading platforms (MT4 and MT5) and top-tier server architecture to ensure stable and efficient trading experiences for clients. It also connects with leading liquidity providers to offer competitively low spread rates to help clients control trading costs. Additionally, with multiple regulatory oversight across various regions, it provides strong support for the security of customer funds and trades.

With its strengths, FPG serves customers from all corners of the globe, helping them achieve their financial goals. For any questions, please visit FPG’s website at and contact us at

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