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BingX Launches $HIGHER and $Dino Spot Trading Amid Rising Popularity of Base Chain


Leading Crypto Exchange BingX Becomes the First Crypto Exchange to List $HIGHER and $Dino

VILNIUS, LITHUANIA 10 April 2024 – The Base Chain ecosystem is witnessing a surge in popularity. Within this vibrant space, Warpcast, a social community platform, has carved a niche for itself. With its enticing prospect of earning Degen coin airdrops, Warpcast has seen a steady rise in its user base. Now, the platform is poised to take things a step further with the introduction of its very own social meme token – $HIGHER.


HIGHER Coin is riding the social wave in the Base Chain Universe. Building upon its established user base, Warpcast has launched HIGHER coin, a social meme token. Meme tokens often gain traction through community sentiment and shared humor within a specific online space. In the case of $HIGHER, its value is intrinsically linked to the popularity and engagement within the Warpcast community.
With the launch of $HIGHER, Warpcast is aiming to solidify its position as a leading social hub within the Base Chain ecosystem. The token’s success will depend heavily on Warpcast’s ability to maintain a vibrant and engaged user base. Given the platform’s existing momentum and the inherent intrigue surrounding social meme tokens, $HIGHER has the potential to become a major player in the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency.
Trading of HIGHER will start according to the following schedule:
Spot trading for HIGHER USDT opens at 07:00:00 (UTC+0) on April 9, 2024.

About $DINO

DINO coin is a meme coin launched on the Base chain, building trust in the community by announcing a new ERC50 protocol designed for fair sales. This protocol automates nearly all pre-sale functions, including token allocation, position locking, refunds, and liquidity pool (LP) injection. The project promises “no administrators, no mouse warehouses, and no RUGs” thanks to these features.
Trading of DINO will start according to the following schedule:
Spot trading for DINO USDT opens at 06:00:00 (UTC+0) on 2024-04-10
“We are thrilled to offer our users the opportunity to trade these popular tokens,” said Jason, Researcher as BingX QA. “As one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, BingX is dedicated to providing a diverse range of assets and supporting the growth of innovative projects within the Base Chain ecosystem.”
Traders can now access HIGHER on BingX and take advantage of the platform’s advanced trading features and liquidity. BingX Spot gives users early access to some of the most sought-after tokens in the space, with more than 700 trading pairs.


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