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THXNET. Announce Strategic Partnership With Coinweb To Accelerate Blockchain Adoption For Web2 Enterprise.

TOKYO, JAPAN  19 March 2024 – THXNET., Japan’s premier Web3 enabler and a leading Web3aaS Plug & Play Blockchain Network ecosystem innovator, is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Coinweb, a distinguished layer 2 interoperability platform. This collaboration signifies a transformative leap in the development of Web3 ecosystems, leveraging THXNET.’s innovative Web3 solutions alongside Coinweb’s powerful infrastructure. To support this integration, Coinweb Labs has extended its expertise, emphasizing the shared goal of enhancing interoperability and scalability across the blockchain sector.


The partnership introduces an array of advanced functionalities from Coinweb, such as Cross-Chain Token Issuance, Cross-Chain Routing, Optimized Load Balancing over multiple Layer 1 blockchains, Access to an Enhanced Wallet Library, Tailored Reactive Cross-Chain Smart Contracts, Gas Fee Abstraction and cost-savings through batching of transactions, and cross-chain transfers through Coinweb’s PACT. These features promise to provide businesses and Web3 initiatives with unparalleled agility and operational efficiency.

“We are absolutely thrilled to partner with Coinweb, a seasoned and reputable enterprise in the blockchain industry. This collaboration represents a significant stride towards our shared vision of fostering innovation and scalability within the Web3 space.” Said Aro Kondo, Co-Founder and CEO of THXNET.

“We are excited to announce our integration with THXNET.,” stated Toby Gilbert, CEO of Coinweb. “This partnership represents a significant milestone in our journey to drive interoperability and scalability within the blockchain industry. By combining Coinweb’s advanced infrastructure with THXNET’.s innovative Web3 solutions, we will be able to speed up the creation of a much more advanced ecosystem of Web2 businesses converting to Web3.”

THXNET. boasts a proven track record of success, highlighted by the launch of its Layer 0 & Layer 1 Mainnet, the creation of over 136,000 unique wallets, the execution of 1.34 million transactions, partnerships with top-tier entities like Urawa Reds football club for NFT launches on its platform, and collaborations with more than 20 other partners. This demonstrates THXNET.’s capacity to drive the shift from Web2 to Web3.

This integration marks a pivotal moment for the Web3 community, fostering a spirit of collaboration and innovation among global users. The partnership will also encompass joint marketing campaigns, leveraging THXNET.’s strong community engagement and Coinweb’s technological advancements.


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