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EquitiesFirst Podcast Series II, Episode 4: Mobilizing Social Investments in Asia-Pacific

HONG KONG SAR 6 March 2024 – EquitiesFirst, in collaboration with The Economist Impact, presents Episode 4 of our insightful Podcast Series II: “Mobilizing Social Investments in Asia-Pacific.” This episode explores the growing landscape of responsible investments that address social and environmental challenges, while driving positive societal change in the Asia-Pacific region.

EquitiesFirst Investment: Social Investments in Asia-Pacific
Join EquitiesFirst in our latest podcast episode, “Mobilizing Social Investments in Asia-Pacific,” where we delve into the intriguing world of social investment. Defined as capital that not only seeks financial returns but also aims to generate social impact, these investments are gaining traction in Asia Pacific. We explore the evolving landscape of responsible investments, focusing on how they address societal and environmental challenges while driving social innovation.

EquitiesFirst Financing: Catalyzing Change through Social Investment

This episode sheds light on the increasing interest in social investments in the region, highlighted by initiatives like the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network. We discuss the crucial role of family offices and high-net-worth individuals in this sphere and examine the funding gaps in key areas like healthcare, gender, and climate. The session delves into the opportunities for investors to create social value alongside economic returns and the innovative business models that unlock the potential of social investments.

EquitiesFirst Risk Management: Navigating Social Investment Challenges

Addressing the findings of a 2022 Economist Impact research, we discuss the uneven progress towards achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in Asia-Pacific. The episode navigates the challenges founders and investors face in the region, from demand and supply issues to the need for robust accelerator programs. It also explores the various investment vehicles and strategies to bridge investment gaps.

EquitiesFirst Partnership: Fostering Collaborative Social Ventures

EquitiesFirst Limited remains committed to engaging in conversations about the intersection of financial profitability and social impact. By leveraging the expertise and experience in EquitiesFirst equities-based investment and EquitiesFirst equities-based financing, we aim to contribute to the broader dialogue on mobilizing social investments in Asia-Pacific, a region ripe with opportunities for impactful and responsible investing.Hashtag: