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King Power Celebrates the Beginning of The New Year with A Dazzling “Kingdom of Dragons” Experience “King Power Chinese New Year 2024”

BANGKOK, THAILAND  9 February 2024 – King Power marks the beginning of the new year with festivities heralding a fresh start. The travel-retail giant unveils a spectacle commemorating the grandeur of the Chinese New Year, ushering in the auspicious Year of the Dragon, and bringing everyone into a joyous celebration of new beginnings through the event:”King Power Chinese New Year 2024. Power Your Luck, Power Your Life.”

King Power Celebrates the Beginning of The New Year with A Dazzling

Embarking on a journey towards good fortunes as part of the celebration for the Year of the Dragon through the ‘Kingdom of Dragons‘ concept centered around the theme of ‘Luck, Health, Wealth, Love.’ Embrace the potent energy of the dragon that radiates only positive vibes of good fortune, prosperity, happiness, auspiciousness, and fulfillment for both Thai and international visitors. This event serves as a unifying platform for everyone to gather together to take delight in delectable feasts, seek blessings, enhance personal fortunes, and revel in live concerts featuring renowned artists, along with selected special promotions.

The press conference and opening ceremony took place on 6-February 2024, at 5:00 p.m., right at Fountain Square within King Power Rangnam. Attendees were treated to an extraordinary experience as they witnessed the first grand dragon dance procession along Rangnam Road. The event was graced by the presence of Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt, who presided over the opening ceremony. Joining him in this occasion was Thapanee Kiatphaibool, the Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT).

Aiyawatt Srivaddhanaprabha, Chief Executive Officer of King Power, stated, “This year’s Chinese New Year celebration event marks our glorious return to hosting a grand celebration. It further solidifies King Power’s role as a vital destination, extending a warm welcome to customers and tourists, both Thai and international. Our vision is to collaboratively promote Thai tourism and transform the Rangnam area into a new tourist destination within Bangkok. Therefore, King Power seized the opportunity to commemorate the Chinese New Year Festival, with the aim of inspiring both Thai and foreign tourists to immerse themselves in the Thai-Chinese culture and traditions while savoring the delectable offerings of Thai cuisine. This initiative is geared towards establishing a new travel destination, ensuring Thailand remains ‘top of mind’ for tourists from around the world. The activity we witness today represents just the beginning of King Power’s efforts to foster growth in the Rangnam area, with ongoing plans to foster community development and bolster tourism for Bangkok in the years ahead.”

The 18-day event kicked off with a series of activities dedicated to worshipping the gods, witness the grandeur of five dragon parades, elegantly striding along the entire Rangnam Road. Leading the procession will be admired artists, including PP-Krit Amnuaydechkorn, Win-Metawin Opas-iamkajorn, JJ-Kritsanapoom Pibulsonggram,Daneng-Kanyawee Songmuang, Daou-Pittaya Saechua, and Offroad-Kantapon Jindataweephol. On 10 February 2024, be captivated by the show led by Yin-Anan Wong, accompanied by a special performance by Chamook-Suchanan Mahaphromwan. On 11 February 2024, immerse in the excitement with Nont-Tanont Chumroen and indulge in the most spectacular live shows, featuring musical performances and a myriad of captivating acts from China.

During the event, everyone will have the opportunity to savor “Auspicious Cuisine from over 50 Renowned Restaurants.” Discover delectable dishes from more than 50 legendary and Michelin Guide-endorsed eateries, including Tang Jai Yoo Restaurant, Tang Jai Yang Michelin Red Pork, Cross BKK, Mott32, Khao Kha Moo Trok Sung, Chaffeine Bubble Milk Tea, Gui Chai Saphan Han, Hong Tae Crispy Fried Chive Pancake, Charm Noodle, Ba Bin Gusto, and many more. from 1-18 February, 2024

Throughout the event, King Power remains committed to spreading happiness and offers everyone a chance to win through the “Shop & Prosper: Get Lucky & Wealthy” promotion. This promotion is designed to bring threefold of good fortunes, promising a wealth of endless happiness to all participants. Lucky 1 grants 2 red discount envelopes worth a total of 8,000 Baht. Lucky 2 provides a chance to explore the mystical land of dragons, including the World Heritage City of Lijiang and Shangri-La, with the added adventure of conquering the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain. Shoppers receive a coupon for immediate prize potential with every 8,000 Baht spent. Lucky 3 offers the possibility of winning a 1-Baht golden dragon through the Dragon Hunter collection activity. There’s an exclusive deal for the newly enrolled King Power SCARLET members. Upon signing up, you’ll receive a complimentary salung of gold when you make a purchase of 80,000 Baht on the same day.

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