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SiegFund Introduces a new Prop Challenge – The Path to Trading Triumph

HONG KONG SAR 7 February 2024 – SiegFund announces the launch of its revolutionary Financial Service in Q1 2024. Participants have the opportunity to trade up to $400,000 on their SiegFund Account, with the added benefit of receiving up to 90% of profits.
The platform invites traders of all types to embark on a transformative journey, challenge their skills, and explore the innovative trading opportunities that SiegFund offers. With a commitment to revolutionizing the financial landscape, SiegFund aims to provide a diverse and inclusive space where traders can thrive, learn, and achieve their financial goals.
Besides SiegFund Academy, there are two innovative challenge modules to suit different trader personalities, here is a quick quiz to identify which challenge is the best match.
1 Step Challenge: Tailored for individuals with greater confidence, seeking to take risks and experience tension and excitement. Set a bold 8% profit target within a single assessment.
2 Step Challenge: Ideal for those who prefer careful consideration, offering 10% and 5% profit targets across two assessments.
A wider range of seed money, ranging from 5k to 400k, ensuring accessibility for traders with varying experience.
Enjoy an unprecedented 90% profit split during the live stage, setting SiegFund apart from competitors who only offer eligibility in the scale-up stage.
No hidden costs, zero trading commission, refund purchase fee and unlock 90% profit split once get certificated.