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Etiqa Insurance Singapore Introduces Comprehensive Pet Insurance to Safeguard Singapore’s Growing Pet Population


Etiqa’s newest pet insurance offering provides the highest coverage for surgical sum locally insured.

SINGAPORE 31 January 2024 – Etiqa Insurance Singapore, a prominent provider of both general and life insurance, today launched a new pet insurance policy designed to support pet owners in safeguarding their cherished furry companions, providing an unprecedented level of protection against unforeseen circumstances.

The burgeoning trend of pet ownership has witnessed a remarkable increase, with Singapore’s dog population risen 3 per cent from 2019 to reach 114,000 pet dogs in 2023, while the pet cat population experienced a substantial 10 per cent surge to 94,000 in the same year. Correspondingly, the costs associated with veterinary services, illnesses, and health conditions have created a burgeoning protection gap, demanding comprehensive solutions for pet owners.

Recognising this growing need, Etiqa Insurance Singapore has introduced an accessible and affordable pet insurance solution. This comprehensive plan offers vital coverage encompassing accidental and illness-related medical expenses, congenital and hereditary conditions, alongside no-claim discounts, providing pet owners with protection in times of unexpected medical circumstances.

“Pets are esteemed members of our families. The evolving perspective towards pets in Singapore, coupled with escalating pet care costs, necessitates adequate coverage to ensure financial stability and peace of mind during challenging times. Etiqa Insurance Singapore bridges this gap by offering accessible coverage at an affordable price point, enabling Singaporeans to cherish longer, healthier lives with their beloved pets,” said Raymond Ong, CEO of Etiqa Insurance Singapore.

Comprehensive Protection Tailored for Furry Companions

Etiqa’s Pet Insurance diverse plan types are customised to suit the unique needs of pets. The Pawfect Plan ensures coverage with a market-leading sum insured of up to S$15,000 for surgical illness cover and S$3,500 for non-surgical cover. This plan encompasses congenital and hereditary diseases[1], surgical treatments, accidental injury claims, and more.

Key Features of Tiq Pet Insurance include:

  1. Highest surgical sum due to illness insured in market (S$15,000 on highest plan)
  2. Complimentary coverage of congenital and hereditary diseases with the provision of medical documents upon purchase
  3. No Claims Discount of up to 20%
  4. Multi-pet Discount of up to 10%
  5. Additional S$500 insured for final expenses benefit (based on highest plan)

Etiqa’s Pet Insurance is readily accessible on Tiq by Etiqa, the digital insurance channel provided by Etiqa Insurance Singapore at https://tiq.com.sg/product/pet-insurance/. Information is accurate as of 30 Jan 2024.


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